The Mutated Machinery Update is live!

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The eighth Early Access update for Arboria, Mutated Machinery, is here to give you more options for fighting Mutantz enemies! The update introduces a new symbiont, NPC, new gameplay mechanics, and more. And beware when you’re exploring the depths of Durnar—two new enemies will be attacking from the shadows!

Beware the Smasher and the Bulktong!

Arboria | Mutated Machinery Update Trailer

The Mutated Machinery Update also adds several new features and QoL improvements to Arboria as well.

Some of the highlighted Mutated Machinery features include:

New Mutation: Elemental Chains

Too many creeps around you? This mutation will allow you to hit two or even more BUGZ with one stone. After applying this debuff to a group of enemies, you can deal damage to all of them while only having to attack one! Part of the damage dealt to your enemies will be Elemental Damage, depending on the type of the Elemental Chains.

New Symbiont: Claw Driver 

Smash your enemies before they smash you. Claw Driver is a close-range weapon perfect for dealing blows like you mean it. Roll and dash around the enemy and find the perfect place to strike that will hurt your enemy the most.

I tell you, if Yotunz stop gathering Veri, the very stones will cry out.

Shaman Vordagg

New NPC: Pet Master

Franky (the Pet Master) is a result of a failed experiment of Gobbok’s. He was rejected by his master for not being aggressive enough and found a new home among the Trollz. He breeds and trains useful critters. Located on the 3rd floor of the Village, Franky will allow you to spend your Veri to unlock pet companions that will assist you in combat.
Pet Master Upgrades:

  • Fire Pet – unlocks a new pet, Ember
  • Ice Pet – unlocks a new pet, Chiller
  • Shock Pet – unlocks a new pet, Sparky
  • Bio Pet – unlocks a new pet, Fartey
  • Dark Pet – unlocks a new pet, Darky
Arboria Mutated Machinery artwork

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