Minute of Islands release date change

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Publisher Mixtvision and developer Studio Fizbin announce that the release of the art- and story-driven puzzle-platformer Minute of Islands will be pushed to a later date. 

Due to some major technical issues that occurred during the last round of testing, Minute of Islands’ multi-platform release, originally scheduled for March 18, 2021, has to be postponed. A new fixed release date for Minute of Islands can’t be given at the moment.

We can’t wait to see our game out in the wild, but we want to ensure that everyone can enjoy it in the best possible condition. We hope players will soon be able to follow in our protagonist Mo’s footsteps across the vivid world of Minute of Islands and find out for themselves what makes the game so special.

Anjin Anhut, Game Director at Studio Fizbin

While we very much regret having to push Minute of Islands’ release date, we are convinced that the extra time invested is in the players’ best interest. We are looking forward to releasing a unique game that combines stunning art direction with emotional storytelling to a long-lasting experience. 

Benjamin Feld, Publishing Director at Mixtvision
Minute of Islands logo and artwork

Minute of Islands is an art- and story-driven puzzle platformer about Mo, a skilled tinkerer who lives with her family on a pastoral archipelago, once inhabited by an ancient race of inscrutable giants. Their otherworldly but vital machines must be kept going, or an ever-present threat will swallow all.

When the machines of the giants fail, and Mo’s world is on the brink of collapse, she sets out on a transformational journey across quaint, sprawling islands and through the alien labyrinths below them. Haunted by memories, Mo’s journey becomes a trip into the depths of her subconscious. And even with the powerful Omni Switch at her disposal, Mo may not have enough to fix the damage hidden beneath the surface…

Minute of Islands is coming for PC/Mac, PlayStation 4 (compatible with PlayStation 5), Xbox One (compatible with Xbox Series X/S) and Nintendo Switch.

Minute of Islands trailer

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