Kiwi Design Charging Dock for Quest 2 review

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I’m always on the hunt for accessories that make my life easier and my play more enjoyable. The Kiwi Design Charging Dock compatible with Quest 2 (simply referred to as the Quest 2 Charging Dock for the rest of this review) is one such accessory. Its list of impressive features and elegant design caught my attention and added to the fact the pleasant experience we had with the Kiwi Design Clip-on Headphones, I decided to give it a go.

Here’s how my experience with this charging dock turned out.

Out of the box

The moment the Quest 2 Charging Dock arrived at my door, I could tell I was in for a treat. The packaging exuded a high-end vibe, which immediately made me feel like I had invested in a quality product. As a tech enthusiast, there’s always something satisfying about unboxing a new gadget, and this was no exception.

As I unboxed the Quest 2 Charging Dock, I was struck by its sleek, minimalist design. The design truly stood out as something you would expect to see in a top-tier tech product, fitting in effortlessly with the rest of my gaming gear.

The dock was accompanied by an impressively long USB charging cable. This was a nice touch, as it allowed for flexibility in placement, and meant I didn’t have to rearrange my gaming setup to accommodate it. The comprehensive user manual was also helpful, promising a hassle-free setup process.

Then, there are the 17 optional RGB lights. These customisable lights give the dock a real touch of personality. Whether you’re a fan of soft pastel tones or vibrant primary colours, you can adjust the RGB lights to suit your mood and add some unique flair to your gaming setup.

Out of the box, the Quest 2 Charging Dock already impressed with its aesthetically pleasing design and high-quality packaging. It felt like an addition that would not only make my VR experience more convenient but also add a touch of style to my gaming station. I was eager to set it up and put it to the test.

Kiwi Design Quest 2 Charging Dock out of the box

Does it have the power?

First off, the charging speed. Equipped with an 18W fast charging adapter, the Quest 2 Charging Dock is designed to fully charge your headset and controllers simultaneously in just 2.5 hours, a whole hour faster than charging with a 15W adapter. As someone who loves to get lost in VR, this fast-charging feature means I can spend more time in the game and less time waiting around.

For ease of use, the Quest 2 Charging Dock stands out. The effortless controller charging and the powerful magnetic attraction make the charging routine incredibly smooth and stable. However, users should note that it may be a bit tricky to fit the headset with an extendable battery perfectly onto the dock. Made a little more difficult by the fact the charging cable that connects to the headset is very short, although there is a bit of movement in it.

Another standout feature is the advanced charging protection, which keeps your devices safe and healthy while charging. It offers comprehensive protection and advanced thermal protection, making sure you never have to worry about any charging mishaps.

Quest 2 sat in the Kiwi Design Charging Dock

Pricing and value for money

With a price of £78, down from £94 on the official Kiwi Design website, the Quest 2 Charging Dock might be more expensive than some alternatives, but the premium quality and design do somewhat justify the cost. Especially when you consider how nice it looks and the features it possesses, plus the fact it comes with a set of rechargeable batteries for each controller.

What could be improved?

So as we’ve mentioned already if you use an extendable battery on the headset, this does weigh it down at the back, and so doesn’t fit in too great. But once removed, it all works fine. The other issue is the short charging cable that connects to the Quest 2, the cable is so short, which when combined with that first issue, makes it a little bit of a pain to charge properly but with some niggling can be done.

I do like how the charging adapter is magnetic though, and detaches from the dock so you can leave it plugged into the headset to stick it back on charge right away. But, it’d be good if the charging head had an adapter to let you plug the extended battery into it, so you don’t have to take it out to use it. Because although a magnet keeps it in place on the dock, it is only a small piece and could be easy to lose.

Kiwi Design Quest 2 Charging Dock with RGB lighting on

Overall thoughts on the Quest 2 Charging Dock

The Quest 2 Charging Dock from Kiwi Design is an exceptional piece of kit. It delivers on its promises, providing quick charging, and effortless usage, and helps to keep a neat, organised gaming space. The RGB lights add a nice aesthetic touch, making it a visually pleasing addition to your gaming station. However, it would be great if Kiwi could design a dock that accommodates extendable batteries and controller grips more comfortably. On the whole, the Quest 2 Charging Dock is definitely worth considering if you’re a Quest 2 user looking to streamline your VR experience.

Get more info on the Kiwi Design Charging Dock for the Quest 2 on the official website. It’s also available to buy elsewhere at other online retailers. If you decide to buy one yourself, why not check out some more of our hardware reviews while you wait for it to be delivered?

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