JOBY Wavo Boom Arm review: The sturdy sidekick your microphone needs

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We’ve recently had the pleasure of reviewing their JOBY Wavo POD microphone – a true game-changer. Now, we’re turning our attention to its perfect companion, the JOBY Wavo Boom Arm, set to further reinforce JOBY’s solid standing in the market.

Below you’ll find the same video from our last review, which was beautifully put together by Mr NinjaRefinery himself, where we have combined the two into one video since they go perfectly together. And below that, you’ll find a dedicated written review for the Wavo Boom Arm, plus a tl;dr at the end for those of you who are in a bit of a rush.

JOBY Wavo Boom Arm and POD video review

JOBY Wavo Boom Arm written review

After spending some quality time with the JOBY Wavo Boom Arm, I reckon it’s a rather nifty bit of kit for holding your JOBY Wavo POD. It’s quite the sturdy workhorse, with a healthy mix of flexibility and rigidity that genuinely delivers.

The build quality, right off the bat, is solid and robust. This isn’t some flimsy, wobble-prone affair; it’s a boom arm that you can trust to hold your precious Wavo POD without a hint of hesitation. It lends a sense of confidence, a feeling that your microphone is in safe, secure hands.

But the Wavo Boom Arm isn’t just about raw strength – it’s got a flexible side too. The range of adjustment is top drawer, providing you with the freedom to position your mic exactly as you need it. It’s easily manoeuvrable, yet remains steadfast once positioned. A true testament to its design, one might say.

JOBY Wavo Boom Arm cup holder

Mounting the boom arm was a doddle – it’s designed to fit and tighten easily, ensuring a secure hold without needing a degree in mechanical engineering. It’s as easy as pie, and, frankly, I was well-chuffed with how smooth the whole process was.

One particular feature that won me over was the discreet cable management system. The Wavo Boom Arm is clearly designed with a tidy workspace in mind, offering an integrated system that keeps those pesky cables out of the way. It’s a neat, organised solution that’s likely to please even the most clutter-phobic among us.

Finally, the cherry on top of this quite splendid cake – the integrated cup holder and headset hanging bracket. It’s a touch of genius, bringing together functionality and convenience in a way that shows JOBY truly understand the needs of their users. Who doesn’t love a spot of multitasking, after all?

All in all, the JOBY Wavo Boom Arm is a dependable, versatile companion for your Wavo POD. It’s a well-thought-out, robust piece of gear that offers a neat balance of strength, flexibility and convenience. Top marks from me, without a shadow of a doubt.

JOBY Wavo Boom Arm without mic

JOBY Wavo Boom Arm tl;dr

  • Solid and robust
  • Flexible and highly-adjustable
  • Easy to fit and tighten
  • Discreet cable management
  • Cup-holder and headset hanging bracket

This is how you build a product. Uncomplicated, solid and functional with minimal fuss to set up. Added quality-of-life features really tip it over the edge from “good” to “excellent”.

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