Popular BTC casino games to look out for in 2023

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Don’t visit a Bitcoin (BTC) casino just to play traditional casino games when there are many BTC casino games to play out there. BTC casinos have improved our offerings from conventional online casinos, with better payouts, security, anonymity, transaction speeds, etc.

Playing only traditional casino games on such sites has made many bettors miss out on a lot. You’ll soon learn about some popular BTC casino games that you can use to spice up your betting sessions.

Six popular BTC casino games to look out for

BTC casino games have always been a weird mix of risk and reward that mirrors the cryptocurrency market. This makes them unique, and now you can start enjoying your Bitcoin betting experience with these 6 options.

BTC Minesweeper

Anyone who owned a computer in the 1990s should be familiar with Minesweeper. It’s a logic puzzle game you’ll find on all Microsoft computers. The game involves clearing a board grid of clickable squares without detonating a hidden mind.

Minesweeper requires players to use the clues from neighbouring numbers to help them do this. It’s a bit easier when you’re playing on a 9×9 board, but what about when you play on a 16×16 or 30×16 board?

Well, if you’re missing that nostalgia, you won’t be disappointed with BTC Minesweeper. This BTC casino game is just like the original, but with a twist that makes it possible to earn money on it.

Here, you’ll need to bet digital coins and choose the number of mines you want to be present on the grid. Note that the more mines you place on the grid, the riskier the game and the higher your payout.

After selecting the number of mines, you may start playing the game by clicking on all squares except the mine. You win your bet when you click on all squares besides those with a mine.

BTC Minesweeper works with provably fair technology to make it honest. It also comes with a house edge of 1%, meaning players get a lot of advantage.

BTC Minesweeper game playable in a browser

Lucky Clover

This is another game that brings you to an empty grid, but here you’re required to pick squares containing a clover. Lucky Clover is an Irish-themed Bitcoin game where each clover you uncover on the grid offers a multiplier. If you can pick 4 clovers from the grid, you get a multiplier of 118x.

Of course, if you make the wrong choice in between, you click on a bomb and lose all your multipliers. So, you can say that Lucky Clover is a true cryptocurrency casino game with an equal blend of risk and reward. If you’re lucky enough to win this game 3 times in a row, you’ll be awarded a jackpot.

Wheel Game

This Wheel of Fortune game is available on crypto-staking platforms, and it’s just as simple as your guess. The game has a multi-sectioned wheel of fortune that offers numerous multipliers based on the section. So, where some sections offer a 0x multiplier, others offer a 1.70x, 2.00x, 3.00x, 1.50x, and 4.00x multiplier.

Wheel Game allows crypto bettors to alter the volatility of the game. This is accomplished by increasing the wheel’s segment count. You can set it to low volatility (10), medium volatility (30), or high volatility (50).

You face more risk at high volatility but get more wins, while low volatility offers low risk and low rewards. Medium volatility offers lower risk than high volatility but higher risk than low volatility. It also offers better rewards than low volatility but is worse than high volatility.

BTC Casino Wheel Game


This BTC casino game bears many similarities to the Japanese Pachinko game. The objective is to guide a ball through a series of triangle-shaped obstacles. This means the top is narrower than the base.

The ball’s path alters as it travels through obstacles before it reaches the bottom. The ball passes through a panel at the bottom with a multiplier value. This could be a multiplier of any value, such as 0x, 1x, 2x, 4x, etc.

You can change how many pins (obstacles) are in the pyramid when you play. This relates to the low-risk, medium-risk, and high-risk game modes. Playing at high risk with many pins offers a better payout than playing at low risk with few pins.


This is one of the most popular games you’ll find in any online BTC casino. It’s a crash game that requires you to bet on a plane gliding in the sky. The more the plane flies, the higher the multiplier that gets to act on your bet.

However, this plane can explode at random, which will cause you to lose your bet. So, you’re left with the choice of collecting your bet at the right moment. If you’re too greedy, the plane could explode, and you won’t win much if you’re too timid.

Aviator offers more than your average crash game, as it comes with a social chat that allows bettors to communicate with each other. This crypto game is also powered by provably fair technology.

Aviator BTC Casino Game


This card game prioritises simplicity (a recurring theme with BTC casino games). After being shown one, the player must determine whether the following card will be of equal, comparable, or lesser value.

The participant may continue to the next round if their prediction is accurate. If they guess wrongly, they lose the round and all the money they’ve won.

Of course, the more you guess correctly, the higher your win multiplier. When you fail, however, you’ll lose everything. Like most crypto betting games, Hilo has a 1% house edge, making it fair to players.


BTC casino games are always simple, with a very low learning curve. So, everyone who visits a crypto casino can get started on any of them and go home with a decent payout. You’ll have a good time at any crypto casino as long as you’re lucky.

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