POSTAL: Brain-Damaged developer, Hyperstrange stealth-releases arena shooter CROSSBOW: Bloodnight

by Chris Camilleri
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CROSSBOW: Bloodnight is a frantic score-attack arena shooter that takes the brilliant Devil Daggers concept and puts it in a detailed gothic horror, Painkiller-esque setting. The small game comes from Hyperstrange, the developer of gamer-acclaimed first-person slasher, ELDERBORN, that has recently partnered up with industry legend Running With Scissors to develop POSTAL: Brain-Damaged, a boomer core shooter POSTAL spin-off.

Pew pew pew pew

CROSSBOW: Bloodnight launched to Steam on September 24, priced at $2.00 with the 33% launch-week discount (regular price: $2.99).  The game, already winning PC players favour, is headed to consoles later this year and will be brought to Nintendo Switch first.

You can purchase the game following this link HERE.

Check out the launch trailer below.

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