Hunt: Showdown Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

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Hunt: Showdown, celebrating three years since the game entered Early Access on Steam this month, has launched a new live event with rewards on offer for the community. The “As The Crow Flies” live event runs from March 24th to April 12th, offering players the chance to earn Legendary Items and a new Legendary Hunter, plus extra rewards as the event progresses. Everyone who logs in during the event at least once will receive 1 Iron reliquary and Dark Miasma, a new Legendary Chain Pistol.

The new live event will play out in two acts. In act one, players will investigate event-themed clues, smash bird skeletons, hunt down murders of crows, and take down bosses to earn Event Points in order to unlock the brand-new boss, Scrapbeak. Which in turn will trigger act two of the event.

In act two, players’ Event Points will go towards their personal progression to unlock exclusive event-related gear. Once players hit their daily Event Point cap, they’ll still be able to play but instead of receiving Event Points they will be rewarded with Hunter XP for the rest of the day.

Hunt: Showdown Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Throughout the event, Reliquaries will be available which will boost Event Points for the player and gift others in the match with other valuable Hunter items- these will be exclusively available during the event. Players will be able to get Reliquaries in the roster or in the event store.

We’re thanking everyone who has joined us on the [the game’s] journey with a free new Legendary Chain Pistol and an Iron Reliquary for participating in this event and the chance to unlock new Legendary Items and a new Legendary Hunter. Our previous live events have proved really popular. The team has cooked up something special for this event to celebrate three years of Hunt, and we can’t wait to see the community working together in the bayou.

Loïc Raimond, Live Service Producer for Hunt: Showdown

The game is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and players can find out more about the game and the latest Live Event by visiting the official website HERE..

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