HOMTOM HT26 review

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  1. Magnus Gallie says:

    I just got this today – as a work phone – and it’s fab, especially for the price tag. The thought of people paying £1000+ for an I-Phone XX just makes me go a bit crazy when you have full functionality for £50. It also has dual sim, so I’ve put my work sim and normal/leisure sim in, and it runs them both without having to turn it off to switch inbetween – amazing. And I can use one SIM for data costs also, rather than have both going – sweet!. Overall, like you say, it’s not got the best camera (perhaps – haven’t even tried) but if like me you have a separate DSLR or compact anyway; then what’s the big deal? you can still snap a picture of your dog pulling a face like the Hoff or take an average pub photograph – not that fussed. As you said, the performance, in terms of processing and RAM perhaps seems a few milliseconds off my Samsung Neo, but as you’ve already worked out, cost benefit of this vs a £500 handset is likely to weigh in favour of this bad boy everytime.

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