The team at the young development studio Boxelware is excited to announce the release of the procedurally generated space sandbox Avorion. After three years in Early Access development and more than 260,000 sales, studio founder Konstantin Kronfeldner has realized one of his childhood dreams: publishing his very own space game.

Avorion Trailer:

Avorion offers players a whole universe of possibilities. Players get to explore space aboard a ship that they can design themselves using a powerful but easy-to-use editor. And it’s up to them to decide which role they want to play in this procedural universe.

Players Can:

  • Become traders and amass a fortune,
  • Become generals and conquer the universe with their fleet,
  • Become pirates and roam the stars,
  • Become explorers and discover the secrets of this universe.

As they are freely moving around Avorion, players are affecting a complex system of economic and diplomatic relationships. Traders need to keep track of supply and demand across different areas in order to turn a profit, but it might be risky to enter certain systems depending on your relationship to the dominant faction. Aspiring emperors can conquer troublesome sectors using their powerful fleet, which you command through space similar to a real-time strategy game. Since players can also form alliances among themselves, attacking a system might have unforeseen consequences and lead to a retaliatory strike. The amount of content and complex systems in Avorion offers players months of enjoyment.

Konstantin Kronfeldner, founder of Boxelware and creator of Avorion explains:

Avorion offers fans of space games an incredibly complex sandbox that let’s them shape their own experience. We are thrilled to see Avorion leave Early Access and turn into a full-blown game. We could not have completed this project without the support of our dedicated community. Releasing Avorion is a dream come true for me.

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