Genesis Thor 300 RGB Keyboard review

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A decent keyboard set-up is paramount if you’re a PC gaming enthusiast, but stepping up to a mechanical keyboard can certainly get expensive – especially after the initial outlay of a gaming rig. The Genesis Thor 300 RGB mechanical keyboard has more or less everything you could ask for – whether you’re just starting out in the wonders of PC gaming or looking to get a quality mechanical keyboard at a budget-friendly price.

Build quality & design

Stylistically, the Thor 300 RGB certainly looks more upmarket compared to some of its predecessors. It features a frameless, solid aluminium body that looks sharp beneath the floating keycaps and soft glow of light. Of course, for those that aren’t a fan of RGB, the lighting can be set to a simple, static mode or just turned off altogether.

Other than this, there are five pre-programmed gaming modes which can be switched between using the function keys on the Thor 300. This allows for on-the-fly key lighting configurations depending on what kind of game you’re playing. Underneath, there are four anti-slip rubber feet and a handy cable management channel that allows you to run the braided cable centrally, or to the left or right.


Whilst Cherry may be the typical ‘go-to’ switches, nowadays there are plenty of other options available that are still just as functional, even if they can lack the longevity. This model features Outemu Red switches, which allows for fast actuation and smooth consistency. There is a mere 45g of pressing force required and an 8ms response time. The trade-off here is that the key’s lifetime is 50million clicks, which might seem small compared to other brands but is still a considerable amount.

Some might argue that there is a tendency for the Outemu Red keys to feel scratchy, however, I can’t say that I noticed this issue and if this is to be your first foray into the mechanical keyboard world, then it’s less likely to be a noticeable problem. This particular model is also available with Outemu Blue and Brown switches, so there are other options depending on your particular needs and taste. The keyboard also features full N-key rollover, detecting all keystrokes no matter how many are pressed simultaneously.

Custom lighting is so easy to set-up using Genesis’ software.

Despite having on-board hotkeys to change lighting settings and brightness, there is software included that allows for 1-3 keyboard profiles to be configured for the Thor 300. There is also macro functionality, which I’ve never found myself needing to use before but the software seems quite simple to use and setting up your required macros should be fairly straightforward.

However, the software is can feel somewhat basic and lighting settings cannot be previewed on screen. This can get frustrating when you’re having to go through the rigmarole of endlessly choosing settings, pressing apply and viewing them on your keyboard before deciding if it’s something you like. Thankfully, there is the option to create custom lighting which is as simple as choosing a colour and clicking the keys on screen in order to create your own RGB light show.

Value for money

The keyboard is said to retail at around €57 (£52) which is an absolute steal if you can find it at that price. However, as Genesis products can be hard to come by here in the UK the price seems to be a little over-inflated, meaning that this price is closer to the £70-80 mark. I would love to see Genesis products becoming more widely available here as they really do produce some quality looking products at a more budget-friendly price point and the Thor 300 RGB keyboard more than exceeded my expectations.

Genesis Thor 300 RGB overall thoughts

The Thor 300 RGB keyboard is a budget-friendly mechanical gaming keyboard with heaps of functionality. The design is very well thought out and the construction feels premium. The Outemu Red switches provide fast and consistent keyboard input which is a great option for PC gaming where quick typing and character movement is important. The switches are also quieter than their tactile and clicky counterparts. Whilst the software is a little basic, the lighting options will not disappoint as with 25 modes to choose from, you are bound to find something to suit your taste.

Although the Thor 300 may be hard to get hold of in the UK, head to Genesis’ official site HERE and send them a message, as they may be able to help locate a UK stockist where the keyboard can be purchased. Whilst you wait for their reply, click HERE to read more of our tech reviews.

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