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When Kaesiya isn't fervently paying off a mafioso raccoon or palling around with anthropomorphic rabbits she enjoys talking about games. Jack of all trades, master of some - like building houses in The Sims that will never see an hour of play, or making a Thai curry so good you forget how socks work.

FUZE4 Nintendo Switch – Igniting a passion for coding

Despite having no previous experience in coding – except for a small foray in trying to teach myself html – coding is something that I’ve always admired and wished that I could learn fluently. So when the opportunity arose to…

Genesis Irid 505 ARGB Mid Tower Review

It’s that time of the week again – as we welcome another bit of Genesis kit to the review roster, along with occasionally lovely newcomer Kaesiya, who’s given us some of her precious spare time to write this review before…