Genesis Radon 800 review: Excellent sound and comfort at an affordable price

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As a site that has reviewed several different Genesis headsets in the past and found them all to perform well, I was rather keen to get my hands on the Genesis Radon 800. Hailed for its sound, comfort, and functionality, the Radon 800 presents an enticing option for any gamer in search of an immersive audio experience.

Let’s take a look at how we got on when we put them to the test.

Build quality & comfort

From the moment you unpack the Genesis Radon 800, its quality and attention to detail are immediately apparent. The headset is sturdy yet surprisingly lightweight, with a total weight of just 179 grams when equipped with the 3.5 mm cable and textile earpads. This lightweight design puts it among the lightest gaming headsets I’ve had the privilege of testing, and it’s a game-changer for those marathon gaming sessions. It’s so light, in fact, that after a while, you might forget you’re wearing it at all.

Genesis Radon 800 in box

Beyond its feather-like weight, the Radon 800 is designed with the user’s comfort in mind. It’s not just about the weight – it’s about the balance, too. The weight distribution across the band and earcups feel even and natural, meaning there’s no awkward tilting or imbalance to distract you from your gaming experience.

But it’s the ventilation system where this headset really shines. Anyone who’s worn a headset for hours on end knows how uncomfortable it can get, with heat and sweat being common complaints. The Radon 800 addresses this problem head-on, providing excellent ventilation that keeps your ears cool and comfortable, even during the most intense gaming sessions.

In terms of fit, the Genesis Radon 800 offers a high degree of customisation. The option to switch between different ear pads means you can adjust the fit to your own preference, whether you want tighter noise isolation or a looser, more spacious feel. This is a great touch, allowing you to tailor the headset’s fit to your liking. The earpads themselves are plush and soft, avoiding any of that nasty ear fatigue that can crop up after hours of use.

Additionally, the headband is adjustable, accommodating a wide range of head sizes and shapes. The padding on the headband ensures that the lightweight design doesn’t translate into uncomfortable pressure points on the top of your head.

Audio quality

In my experience, the quality of a gaming headset ultimately hinges on one key factor: it is sound. Fortunately, this is an area where the Genesis Radon 800 more than excels.

Equipped with 40mm drivers, the Radon 800 delivers truly impressive audio fidelity. The soundscape is rich, detailed, and full of depth, easily meeting and exceeding my expectations at this price point. Whether you’re immersed in the grand orchestral scores of open-world adventures, or finding yourself in the heart of high-octane firefights on virtual battlefields, the Radon 800 ensures you miss none of the action.

Subtle environmental effects, character dialogues, and crucial audio cues all come through with crystal clarity. The lows are deep and resonant without overwhelming the mix, while the mids and highs remain clear and detailed.

Genesis Radon 800 gaming headset side view

The dynamic range of this headset, boasting 116dB, further elevates the audio experience. This means it can handle a wide range of volumes without distorting the sound, allowing you to experience soft whispers and booming explosions alike with true-to-life fidelity. I found the result to be a more realistic and engaging listening experience.

However, the true star of the show for me was the 7.1 surround sound feature. Upon activation, the Radon 800 catapults you into an impressively immersive soundscape. You’re not just listening to the game; you’re in the heart of it. Audio cues are perceptible from all angles, creating a sense of depth and space that’s just fantastic for competitive gaming.

It’s more than just an auditory treat – it’s a tactical advantage, allowing you to detect opponents from their footsteps or gunshot directions with a degree of accuracy that stereo sound simply can’t match.


When it comes to aesthetics, the Radon 800 doesn’t just tick the boxes, it adds a few new ones of its own. Its understated design combined with the sleek LED backlighting results in a look that is as stylish as it is futuristic. The LEDs are not garishly bright but emit a subtle glow, adding a unique visual appeal without being distracting.

One thing I especially appreciate is that the LED backlighting isn’t confined to just one colour. This offers a degree of customisation, allowing you to align your headset’s look with your gaming setup’s overall colour theme. The result is a headset that isn’t just a peripheral, but an integral part of your gaming station.

The Radon 800 also scores in terms of portability, thanks to the included bag for safe transport. This isn’t just about protection; it helps maintain the headset’s aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re heading to a LAN party, or taking it along on a trip, you can be confident your headset will arrive in style and pristine condition.

Genesis Radon 800 Mic and Cable

Availability & pricing

When it comes to pricing, the Radon 800 sits comfortably in the mid-range category at around £50-60 in the UK. For the performance and features it offers, I believe it presents exceptional value for money.

However, availability presents a challenge that might dampen its appeal for some. The Radon 800 is not as widely available in the UK as one would like. This becomes even more of an issue when considering the potential for high shipping costs. It’s a shame really, as this is a headset that deserves wider recognition and easier accessibility.

That being said, if you’re able to find the Radon 800 for a reasonable price and without exorbitant shipping fees, it’s a purchase you’re unlikely to regret. In terms of price-to-performance ratio, it certainly punches above its weight, and then some.

It’s always worth keeping an eye out for deals and discounts. Sometimes, online retailers or gaming gear suppliers run promotions that might bring down the overall cost.

Genesis Radon 800 gaming headset front view

Overall thoughts on the Radon 800 gaming headset

The Genesis Radon 800 is an impressive piece of kit. Combining high-quality audio with a comfortable, lightweight design, it caters to both the gamer and the everyday audio enthusiast. Its few drawbacks lie mainly in its limited availability and potential shipping costs in the UK. That being said, if you can get your hands on one without breaking the bank, it’s well worth the investment.

If you want more details on the headset, you can find the official page on the Genesis website by clicking here. And clicking here will take you on over to more of our hardware reviews.

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