FORMAT returns for Halloween Spooktacular October 2023

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As the memory of the fabulous FORMAT event in May still lingers in the hearts and minds of gaming enthusiasts, there’s another splendid surprise in store. The good news is that the exciting event that blends nightlife and gaming in an unprecedented way, is coming back with a bang!

A festive autumn night on 26th October 2023 is when all the magic unfolds. Anticipations are high, and there’s a buzz in the air, as FORMAT has announced a second event this year, poised to once again set the gaming scene ablaze.

FORMAT nightlife

The Grandeur of FORMAT

From live music performances that will make your heart pound to over 20 exhibitors showcasing the best in gaming technology, the event is set to surpass its own benchmarks set in May. The most exciting bit? A special surprise awaits on the third floor that the organisers are transforming into a Halloween-themed wonderland. So, ready for a thrilling scare, anyone?

Securing Tickets to FORMAT

The question on every gaming enthusiast’s lips is – “how can I get my hands on tickets to FORMAT?” The answer is simpler than you’d imagine. With just a few clicks, secure your passage into the heart of the gaming nightlife extravaganza.

The tickets to the much-anticipated event are live now at Skiddle. Visit and grab your tickets before they run out. Plus, there’s more to the good news – use the code FRM_25 to enjoy a whopping 25% discount on your ticket. Hurry, the countdown has begun!


A Peek into the Past – The Last FORMAT Event

May’s FORMAT event was nothing short of a carnival for the gaming community. It combined the high energy of nightlife with the thrill of gaming, creating an unmatched experience for attendees. The dynamic music, cutting-edge gaming technologies, and the chance to meet like-minded gamers added up to an event that still reverberates in our memories.

If this year’s event is anything like the last, then we are in for a real treat. It promises an unforgettable night of gaming and festivities.

Looking Forward to FORMAT 2023

Just like the last event, FORMAT promises to thrill, excite and engage in ways beyond imagination. The anticipation of what the organisers will reveal on the third floor, particularly for the Halloween event, is an exciting mystery. The pulsating live music, the heady ambience, and the fellowship of gaming aficionados promise to make the next event a spectacle to remember.

So, gear up for a night of exhilarating fun and festivities at the upcoming Halloween event. If the last event was any indication, we certainly can’t wait for this next one. Are you ready to make some unforgettable memories?

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