Genesis Holm 510 RGB review

by Ben Kirby

In June last year (2020) I had the great privilege of reviewing the Genesis Holm 200 RGB desk, whihc got full marks from me. Hell, I used the 200RGB every day from then onwards, for both home-working and gaming.

So when I got the opportunity to look at doing a review for another desk, the Genesis Holm 510 RGB, I couldn’t say no. Honestly, circumstances had changed, and I was in the market for a bigger desk. Let me tell you, the Holm 510 is definitely that!

Like my previous review, I think a fair review of a desk entails two things: How easy it is to build, and more broadly, it’s finish. How well is it made, how functional is it, how does it look? All important questions for a piece of furniture that you’re going to possibly sat at for hours every day!

Holm 510 RGB

The build

This isn’t my first Genesis build, so my expectations are slightly different. I’m expecting the box to have all the parts of the desk, and all of the fixtures and fittings pre-sorted, ready to use.

That’s exactly what I got! The instructions are very explicit, the parts are all there, everything is sorted and organised and the Holm 510 RGB is ready to go!

Building it took approximately 40 minutes, after un-boxing and removing packaging. It was a really straightforward affair, and the desk was up in no time.

Honestly, the hardest part was working out the best spots for the speaker shelves. Not a “real” problem, granted. But I definitely tried a few configurations and wasted a bit of time there (although they are super-simple to loosen, tighten, and move around).

The Holm 510 RGB follows the same principles as all other Genesis products I’ve reviewed and built. Straight-forward, well thought-out and solid-build quality. With the added features of a USB 3.0 hub, remote controlled RGB lighting, headphone holder, cup/mug holder and even a wireless charging spot. The Holm 510 RGB sure as hell has all the bells and whistles!

The finish

So I’ve put the desk together, and I’ve got a big-ass (160 x 75 x 75 cm) desk sat there. What’s the aesthetic? What’s the quality?

Honestly, I’ve gushed enough about Genesis products in the past, but I can’t let that stop me. The Holm 510 RGB is yet another testament to the excellent offerings of Genesis.

Covered in a carbon fibre finish, you’re presented with a dark, clean workspace. A cut-out at the back for cables to drop beneath, and a cable management tray to tidy everything up on the under-side of the worktop.

The leg elements are solid, and with the strut between them, you’re working with a really solid frame. Once everything is screwed in and tightened, The Holm 510 RGB is a robust, blank canvas for you to put your setup on.

I supposed we go back to the age old “gaming” label. I mean, what makes something a “gaming” product? In a world where that particular tag now gets added to everything that can be marketed and sold at an excess price…… Fact is the Holm 510 RGB is using the worktop space to great benefit, and the gaming element comes into play with the excellent wireless charging point, the USB 3.0 hub, and of course………some RGB lighting!

Sure, RGB lighting gets stuck on everything these days. And it’s completely unnecessary. But I, frankly enjoy the ambient glow on a dark night. The remote-controlled lighting comes with plenty of options (colour, patterns, speeds etc), so if that’s your thing, you’re good to go!

Lighting aside, though. The Holm 510 RGB is feature-rich and make your gaming life that bit easier. With charging on-the sly, you’re never out of the game!

Holm 510 overall thoughts

So yeah, the Holm 510 RGB kinda delivers on all fronts!

Easy to build, a variety of convenient features, RGB lighting, a massive worktop and moveable speaker stands. You’re spoilt for options when trying to lay out your setup. I know I’ve not quite nailed mine down yet.

The Holm 510 RGB is just what’s needed. I use it now for working from home, and gaming. I have enough space to move my work equipment around, keeping my gaming gear on, too. I’ve even found space to place my Switch and start to look at streaming it. All whilst keeping my cables tidy and my setup clean.

What more can I say? Genesis has done it again. They never seem to fail, do they? If you need a good-sized desk, and you want features and functionality that you just don’t get from your standard desks, the Holm 510 RGB is for you.

Thanks to NinjaRefinery for this guest review! Check out his site if you like coffee and no-nonsense content. Check out more of our reviews here.

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Bengt Olsson April 29, 2022 - 3:18 pm

Has you got usb problem for me got unknown usb in device manager.

MaddOx April 29, 2022 - 8:08 pm

Hey, no we’ve not had any issues at all. Everything working as it should. Have you tried plugging the hub into a different port to see if the issue goes away?


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