Often a point of contention with console players. Using a mouse and keyboard setup to get a competitive advantage over the opposition. It’s not something I’ve every properly considered, to be honest.

I love the idea of a mouse and keyboard. Having all those extra key bindings, that pin-point accuracy with a mouse etc. It always seemed ideal, but not something I’ve been able to get into.

Until the GameSir VX2 Aimswitch came through for review.

Spoiler alert: This little gem is bloody great.

A purpose-built keyboard and mouse for console use. Ranging from Xbox to PS4 and even to the Nintendo Switch. It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Perhaps an absolute nightmare to manage or set-up?

Nope. Turns out GameSir know what they’re doing and do a damn good job.

This piece of kit here had me questioning my living room setup, to get the most out of using a mouse and keyboard. I’ve re-learned how to play Sea of Thieves and PUBG, too.

Who knew mouse mats could be so expensive? I do now, because I want to get the best out of the GameSir VX2 Aimswitch, so I’m making sure something as slick as this gets the perhiperals it deserves!

Looking good

I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for RGB lights on any peripheral going. Tied-in with multiple modes for different colours, GameSir are giving me what I want on the aesthetic front.

Lights aside, though. The GameSir VX2 is a lovely looking piece of kit. A cool, smooth alimunium chassis, housing sturdy mechanical keys. Topped off with a little indicator screen to keep you aware of what the status is with connections, all the time.

Back-lit keys mean playing in the dark is no issue, either.

In terms of size, it’s half a keyboard, but it’s the only half that you need (the left-side with the WASD keys).

Everything looks clean and modern, and honestly, it fits in amongst my other controllers and peripherals. A good size, easy-to-see keys and mouse. This is a great addition to the collection of any console owner.


I wasn’t sure what to expect here, but GameSir kind of blew me away. The GameSir VX2 Aimswitch is one solid, well-built keyboard.

The metal chassis is rock solid, but cool and soft under the wrist. The keys pop with a good spring back, and the action on them is slick. I never really saw the benefit of mechanical keys until I tried gaming with them, and the responsiveness just makes a world of difference.

Robust with great response and action. What more could you ask for on a keyboard? It’s bloody excellent.

The mouse that comes with it is suitably weighted, too. It’s light enough for quick movement, but reassuringly weighty in-hand.

Mouse and keyboard are the critical bits, sure. But there’s another trick up the sleev of the GameSir VX2. An analoge stick. Perfectly positioned in the bottom right-hand corner of the unit. Simply using your thumb, you’ve access to your d-pad functions. Effortless.

I think the words that best describe the VX2 best are robust and premium. This isn’t some cheaply-built usb keyboard for your desktop PC. This is a serious bit of kit, built to take some hammer.

With USB ports to plug a charger (yep, you charge the keyboard so it can remain wireless, sweet!) and the mouse, you’re pretty portable.

The only omission on this is the lack of a 3.5mm jack for a headset. I haven’t found a good way to connect a headset to it for gaming, and that can be a hassle when trying to play something like PUBG where directional audio is crucial. I suspect that a USB-C headset might be the solution, but didn’t have one to hand to verify that.

Apart from the Keyboard unit and the mouse. You also get the required cables and adapters to make the VX2 connect to any console wirelessly. GameSir have really put some effort into this. The wireless adapter, the Switch connection adapter, the charging cable. Nothing in the box is superfluous, and there’s nothing lacking from the get go.

Honestly, you want for nothing straight out of the gates, and everything is good quality. Seriously impressed here.

I wish this didn’t sound so much like gushing, but this is a really good build.

Ease of use

Ease of use is a mutli-faceted consideration. Does it handle well? Does it connect to the console and work? Does it make me a better gamer?

Yes. Yes. No.

As mentioned in the build, GameSir have crafted something that feels lovely. The mouse is smooth (with easily adjusted DPI). The keys are robust and responsive, and key bindings are easily changed using GameSir’s app (although I’m always wary of getting apps from external sites, this proved to be a bit of a gem).

Connecting to consoles……well, I expected a bit of messing about to get it right. And yes, that happened. However, that’s because you need to follow the instructions…..

Following the steps (only a few), gets you on and ready to go in no time. I love the wireless dongle that goes into the console, and was surprised at the connection out of that, that goes into a controller. I guess it must use the controller to kind of spoof the signal or something?

Figuring that there might be a bit of input delay, and a big learning curve (I haven’t properly played with Keyboard and Mouse since Tomb Raider 2 on our old PC at home), I opted to start with Sea of Thieves. A place where you can mostly mind your own business, and just get used to things.

I managed to set sail within a couple of minutes. No problems. Input delay didn’t really seem to be an issue, and the buttons were already sensibly mapped. Easy!

I’ve spent a few hours in Sea of Thieves, dropped for a few matches in PUBG, both on Xbox. I also had fun playing Mario vs Rabbids on Switch, and the point-and click nature of that game really showed the benefits of a mouse and keyboard.

I will say that using it in portable mode on Switch is a bit odd. The keyboard is obviously much bigger than the Switch. Plus, you have to lay the Switch down, because you need access to the USB C port. Not the fault of GameSir or the VX2, but Nintendo…..

I didn’t get around to playing with the PS4, however I’m planning on jumping into Apex Legends with it shortly. I can’t say how well it works there, but if the Xbox and Switch are anything to go by, I have no concerns.

One thing I did make sure to do, was to get one of my PC-gaming friends to test it for me. As a user of mouse and keyboard, I figured his perspective would be quite useful. Plus, we used it on his PC to see how it shaped-up there.

No great surprise, it was great. Plug-in and play, everything worked really nicely. He was really impressed witht he keys and the build, and had no issues adapting to it at all.

I would say that it’s not really built with PC in mind. With half a keyboard missing, he found himself lacking the ability to do some things in different games. Absence of a return button and some function keys made a difference there.

Otherwise, it was great. Thanks for the help Chris!

GameSir VX2 Aimswitch Overall Rating – 5/5

So, yeah. I’ve used the GameSir VX2 Aimswitch a good amount, and found myself thinking of other games it would be good to try it with. I’m determined to get me at least one kill in PUBG without me panicking and forgetting all of the keys.

I’m not fully adjusted to the keyboard and mouse life yet. But damn, GameSir have made the perfect tool to make the jump. The VX2 is excellent.

Almost seamless in getting connected, really well built and very responsive.

I don’t know what else to say really. I could keep picking nice words to say about it, but I think I’ve done enough of that already. Lack of 3.5mm jack port isn’t enough to detract from the quality of the peripheral.

Special thanks to @scruffyjack96 for the photos and to @Frostos for letting me ruin your Friday night whilst we set fire to ships and played on your PC.

The Indiegogo campaign to purchase the GameSir VX2 Aimswitch has finished now after successfully surpassing the target set by GameSir. As soon as they become available in the UK again we’ll be sure to let you know. You can still find some information on the product on the official site though, just click HERE. And don’t forget to check out our other reviews too, by clicking HERE.

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