Guardian, You Have A Date With Destiny

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Bungie welcomes back the Crimson Days free event, which is now live for all Destiny 2 players until 18th February. Crimson Days is a limited-time live event in Destiny 2 that honours the unbreakable bonds a Guardian will forge on and off the battlefield.

To celebrate how these bonds and friendships are forged within the Destiny community and can go beyond to lifelong connections, some Destiny players have agreed to share their stories from all around the world. From friendship to true love, celebrate and share how being part of the Destiny 2 community can originate amazing journeys.

EnormeD2, a Belgian player who moved to Texas after meeting his future wife in Destiny:

We spent long evenings together, farming quests, doing everything and anything, everything that was to be done but we always played together, sometimes very late at night, because I was jet lagged…

Line and Yoda (Zombies Faktory), French Destiny fans and YouTubers who finally met their clan in the real life and now enjoying every day this new friendship.

It took a long time to meet. The first time we saw each other was at Paris Games Week in 2017. […] The funny thing when you met people you didn’t know physically, is that there is a barrier at the beginning. And when you start talking to them… you see that the person is actually the same, so the barrier drops quickly.

Frida, a Swedish Destiny fan who found love and build a family thanks to the game.

My husband Brandon and I met while playing Destiny 2 and that we’re now expecting our first child. It’s a little son, he will be born in May 🙂 Brandon is from California, USA and he is moving to me in Sweden for good in less than 14 days. […]. Thank you for making such a great game and for unknowingly pairing me with my soulmate! You guys made my life complete in so many ways and I can never thank you enough.

Destiny 2 Crimson Days Guardian coming together to form a heart with their bodies

And who can forget our own FULLSYNC love story. It was the original Destiny Beta. Myself, Chris and Nil all got codes and decided to come together to write a preview for an old site we worked for. After all, the game is best played with a fireteam, although you can solo it too Guardian. What started out as a quiet chat, soon became a blossoming friendship, sharing of warped humour, and eventually ignited the spark to start up FULLSYNC. Brings a tear to your eye doesn’t it?

Crimson Days is available from 11th – 18th February. Share and celebrate your in-game friendship or love stories on Twitter using the following hashtag: #loveisyourdestiny2

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