Fishing: North Atlantic Launches on Steam on October 16th

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Norwegian developer Misc Games casts a line into late Summer, announcing the launch date of realistic fishing simulator Fishing: North Atlantic on Steam

Sequel to fisherman cult favourite, Fishing: Barents Sea, Fishing: North Atlantic takes you on a journey in the high seas to explore the majestic waters of Nova Scotia to drag in the haul of a lifetime! Get Fishing: North Atlantic at launch for the 10% discounted price of €26.99/£27.01, or if you already have Fishing: Barents Sea you can get an additional 10% off for a total of 20%!

All summer long we’ve been detangling the lines, polishing hooks and swabbing the decks (well, in our studio) in preparation for the launch of Fishing: North Atlantic. We are pleased to announce today that we are finally adding those last few finishing touches and ready to declare open season on the most realistic fishing sim out there!

Yasemin Hamurcu from Misc Games.

Experience the thrill of deep sea commercial fishing as you navigate your own rig through turbulent waters, featuring new weather systems with upgraded atmospheric effects and all new fishing methods such as harpooning and deep-line-buoy fishing in search of the ocean’s gold. Stepping into the role of captain on one of 25 handcrafted fishing vessels you must use GPS and sonar to follow the movement of your elusive prey, equipped with advanced fish-AI, through dynamic fish habitats that can change depending on weather conditions and water temperature. Start with reeling in swordfish and tuna and work your way up to setting crab pots to catch snow crabs and lobster, all the while minding your quotas and dealing with market price fluctuations that will either allow you to upgrade your operation or sink your career! Life as a deep sea fishing captain has never been this authentic – or dry!

Fishing: North Atlantic was created by the same developers as its popular predecessor, Fishing: Barents Sea, and utilizes AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, providing highly accurate luminance and wide colour gamut testing to enable an exceptional HDR visual gaming experience. 

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