Fellow Traveller Signs Three Developers to Their 2022 Lineup

by Chris Camilleri
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Silverstring Media, After Hours Devs and Jump Over The Age bring their award-winning talent to bolster Fellow Traveller’s robust line-up of narrative games

Today, Fellow Traveller is pleased to announce the signings of three award-winning developers who will be adding their upcoming games to Fellow Traveller’s already impressive slate of 2022 titles. The developers are After Hours Devs, a new studio formed from makers of Coffee Talk and What Comes After, Jump Over The Age, developer of In Other Waters, and Silverstring Media, developers of Glitchhikers

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To kick off LudoNarraCon, Fellow Traveller and these developer teams have revealed the codenames for these games, as well as teaser trailers and hints on the games’ Steam store pages. Interested gamers can wishlist the games or join the developers’ communities to get additional information in the weeks to come. The codenames for each reveal are:

  • Project Sidereal from Gareth Damian Martin of Jump Over the Age, developer of the award-winning In Other Waters. Teaser Trailer: Project Sidereal
  • Project Heartbreak from Mohammad Fahmi of After Hours Devs, creative director and writer of Coffee Talk and the recently released What Comes After. Teaser Trailer: Project Heartbreak
  • Project Pythia from Silverstring Media, known best for Glitchhikers, finalist for the 2014 Canadian Indie Videogame of the Year. Teaser Trailer: Project Pythia

Participate in LudoNarraCon 2021 for your first look at these new, narrative-driven titles. More details on each title will be revealed in the coming months.

Check out LudoNarraCon on Steam via the event page here

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