Elijah Wood caught cheating on his needy old RPG with mobile hit AFK Arena

by Chris Camilleri
Actor and video game fan Elijah Wood is about to ruin a 7ft Orc’s day in ways that you’d never imagine as Lilith Games unveils it’s brand new “Cheat on your RPG” TV campaign for mobile hit game AFK Arena.

Starting today and running across a series of spots to be revealed in the coming weeks, fans can watch Elijah discover the enticing joys of Lilith’s hit mobile RPG game AFK Arena as he attempts to fool around with it behind his old game’s back.

Focusing on AFK Arena’s ‘idle’ gameplay that enables players to earn rewards when they’re not playing (hence the AFK- ‘Away from Keyboard’), the spots begin with Elijah being caught by his old RPG whilst sneaking around and enjoying the fun, casual action of his new flame AFK Arena. Players can see the first “Cheat on Your RPG” spot now, with more of the story being revealed in the coming weeks.

afk arena

The premise of the “Cheat on your RPG” campaign is that AFK Arena’s unique vibrant world and idle style of gameplay have seemingly captured Elijah Wood’s heart. The problem is he’s still in a relationship with his old RPG represented by Uzgahk the Orc. Realising that he can get all of the depth and strategy of his favourite RPG, but still earn XP and amazing rewards while not playing – Elijah is powerless to resist AFK Arena’s newfound charms.

This obsession results in him sneaking off to enjoy private moments away from Uzgahk who increasingly comes to realise that he’s being cheated on. In the first of this series, fans get to see how Uzgahk discovers the truth of where Elijah has been spending his time. In the coming weeks, the story will unfold as Uzgahk tries to win back Elijah’s heart.

As a long-time gamer, Elijah Wood’s passion has seen him give his voice to multiple video game characters and work as a Game Producer. He is now proud to be part of the world of AFK Arena, saying: “Just when I thought I wouldn’t encounter another orc… here I am playing a version of myself that’s stuck in a love triangle between a needy orc and a casual mobile RPG game, AFK Arena. Surprisingly not the weirdest thing that’s happened this year.” 

AFK Arena’s world is continually growing with an ever-expanding cast of characters including the two newest heroes Zaphreal and Lucretia who joined the game last week. To date, AFK Arena has been enjoyed by over six million players and was nominated by fans for the 2019 Google Play’s User’s Choice Award. AFK Arena can be downloaded now from Google Play and the App Store for free. To keep up-to-date on this hit title, join the 1 million strong community on Facebook.

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Danny October 7, 2020 - 8:46 am

How can you write this entire article without mentioning the fact that this is a rip-off of Raid’s creatives?

Chris Camilleri October 7, 2020 - 9:31 am

You cannot instantly assume that something is a rip-off. The gaming scene has become so saturated nowadays that you may think a game has stolen properties from other titles while it is the case of either the second title having taken inspiration from the first (see all the souls-like titles today) or an instance where developers were totally unaware of the existence of the first and thought they came up with the idea themselves.


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