DT No.I S10 Smartwatch review

by Chris Camilleri
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Enter, the S10 Smartwatch.

Smart gadgets are slowly becoming more of a part of our everyday lives. Tracking the daily activities or exercise has become an essential part of keeping a healthy lifestyle, be it through using a Fitbit or smartwatch. The former is more of a gym tool, used solely for tracking the progress of one’s physical routines, while the latter is much more of an everyday gadget and is therefore perceived to be more useful than a simple wristband.

At first glance, the S10 obviously looks like any other watch in that it features very normal straps and a normal-sized screen, which only illuminates with the shake of the fist or by pressing one of the three side buttons. The buttons’ functions are, from top to bottom, start, menu and back. The start and back buttons are pretty straightforward and initiate or terminate the current activity.

The S10 menu button is the key for navigating the screen, as it lets users scroll through its available functions in sequential order, and pressing the start button or touching the screen will start the activity currently displayed. This is basically how to operate the watch, meaning it is very user-friendly and anyone can get the hang of things minutes after unpacking it. Now we get to what the watch actually does.

Apart from telling the time, the smartwatch features a pedometer, which approximately tracks all steps taken by the wearer, as well as calculates the total distance travelled and the number of calories burned. Scrolling through these displays can also be done by swiping on the screen, making it very easy when on the go or in the middle of an activity.

DT No.I S10 Smartwatch black strap

Another feature of the S10is the Health function, with three key aspects – heartbeat monitor, sleep timer (obviously by wearing the watch while sleeping) and a blood pressure meter, meaning you have basic tools to track your general wellbeing. It’s obviously far from an accurate reading of how healthy you are but it is a minimal indication, and that is always a good thing.

The next function of the S10is the most common in modern-day gadgets – messages. It enables the wearer to read messages received on his or her own smartphone; obviously after syncing the watch with the phone through Bluetooth. In order for this to take effect, Bluetooth must be active on the phone. The watch syncs automatically with the device through the app, which we will talk about further on, and activates by itself whenever Bluetooth is turned on on the phone.

The exercise function permits the selection of activity among a varied set, such as football, basketball, table tennis and even skiing, and keeping track of the time and average calories and heartbeat during the activity. It comes in handy when you exercise regularly, as you are then able to calculate the average length and intensity of your past workouts to plan your future ones.

The dial option is purely visual and lets you change the clock screen appearance. It is obviously down to one’s tastes which one to go for, but some screens feature other stats such as a pace counter and distance tracker.

Young attractive man using the internet wearing a smartwatch

The S10 also features a compass, to help navigation in case your Google maps is broken or you own an iPhone, a stopwatch to track any type of times, and the settings page where you may change the basic functions of the watch.

The application of the S10is very easy to download – you just scan the QR code provided within the instruction leaflet in the box and press download and you’re done. The app lets you view all the data collected by the watch, as well as set sleep and distance targets.

The phone also has a feature that lets wearers track their watches and vice-versa, so if like me you misplace your stuff a lot, this will become incredibly useful over time. As a small bonus, it also lets you set the phone to take a picture whenever you shake your fist, so placing your phone far away for a group photo will prove a much lesser hassle now.

All in all, the DT No. I S10 SmartWatch is a very handy addition to your arsenal of smart gadgets. You can also see a list of Apple Watch alternatives on superwatches if you want to check out an even bigger selection. At its very modest price, I definitely suggest you pick one up unless you already have a smartwatch. In that case, you probably already have these features yourself. But if you don’t, this watch will definitely be worth it.

DT No.I S10 Smartwatch Overall Rating: 4.25/5

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