Red Tiger Gaming’s Top 5 Casino Slots

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Red Tiger Gaming is a relatively new (founded in 2014) casino software company. It looks pretty much like a ‘hipster’ operation, the kind of savvy tech startup company where you would expect beanbags instead of chairs in the office. Its calling card is creating Asian themed games, but its portfolio has expanded dramatically in the last couple of years. In short, they make some slick casino games and we have decided to rank the five best below:


Gemtastic is a good example of when a slot game doesn’t look like a slot machine. Sound like a contradiction? Sure, but there is a trend in casino gaming to move away from the old blueprint of slots using left-to-right reel sets. You can play the Gemtastic slot at to see what it’s all about, but the best description we can give in terms of how it looks is that it resembles those Bejeweled arcade games. As for how it plays, it’s plenty of fun with Magic Gems, Lava Multipliers and Magic Glow, all of which can help you win big money, including a top prize of 10,000 x your stake.

Dragon’s Luck

Dragon’s Luck has suddenly become one of the most popular casino games around. Again, like Gemtastic listed above, it eschews the use of a normal reel set, with wins awarded as cluster pays in different directions. As you can guess by the name of the slot, Dragon’s Luck goes big on a mythical theme. That really shines through in the artwork of the game and on the soundtrack. Such has been Dragon’s Luck popularity, a couple of alternative versions have also been created, including the brilliant Dragon’s Luck: Power Reels.

The 100K Drop

​The first thing you will strike you about this slot game is that the symbol that (we think) is supposed to look like Davina McCall doesn’t really look anything like the presenter of the eponymous Channel 4 quiz show. Regardless, this is pretty standard slot fare, albeit with nice graphics, until you trigger the bonus game. When that is triggered, you get to play a version of the 100K Drop you see on TV. You start with a sum of money – equal to 200 times your bet – and play the trap door game for four rounds until (hopefully) you are left with a pile of cash.

Spin Town

As a premise for a game, Red Tiger’s Spin Town is pretty out there. Basically, the slot is themed on a group of people trying to cross a road. You have elderly people, skaters, football hooligans, romantic couples and a marching band. The game plays as a normal spot until the ‘green man’ is activated, which triggers these characters into adding special symbols to the reels for a serious of spins. It sounds a bit weird and a bit boring, but it’s actually bags of fun.

Mayan Gods

Myth and legend are a common topic for slots, and there are countless examples of games based on Greek, Norse and Egyptian mythology. Mayan folklore gets a rare outing in this funky slot from Red Tiger. The basic premise is that there are four Mayan Gods who can swoop in with any spin to add special symbols that help make bigger pays. Our personal favourite is the Mayan UFO, which flies in to destroy all the low-paying symbols and replace them with high-paying ones.

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