CROSSBOW: Bloodnight hits Steam on September 24

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From HYPERSTRANGE, the developers of POSTAL: Brain-Damaged and ELDERBORN comes CROSSBOW: Bloodnight, a frantic score-attack arena shooter set in a world of camp horror and gore. Hunt. Die. Hunt again!

Fluid movement, versatile weapon, global leaderboards – a small, neat package of challenging fun wrapped up in bat giblets, werewolf fur, and twitching tentacles. Available next week at your default digital video games vendor, for a crazy-low price!

CROSSBOW: Bloodnight is a frantic score-attack arena shooter that takes the brilliant Devil Daggers concept and puts it in a detailed gothic horror, Painkiller-esque setting. The small game comes from Hyperstrange, the developer of gamer-acclaimed first-person slasher, ELDERBORN, that has recently partnered up with industry legend Running With Scissors to develop POSTAL: Brain-Damaged, a boomercore shooter POSTAL spin-off.

CROSSBOW: Bloodnight gameplay firing a crossbow

We’re all about fluid movement and fast-paced shooting. Our ELDERBORN was a melee-only game, so we wanted to put an actual FPS out there. CROSSBOW: Bloodnight is our way of saying ‘hi!’ to the boomer shooter fans, and we’re practically giving it away to make sure we get to as many of them as we can!

Przemyslaw Milinski, the studio co-founder

CROSSBOW: Bloodnight launches to Steam on September 24, priced at $1.99 with the 33% launch-week discount (regular price: $2.99).  The game is headed to consoles later this year and will be brought to Nintendo Switch first.

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