BraZen Salute gaming chair review

by stubat
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Today, I’m going to be looking at a product from the new BraZen range for 2020, the BraZen Salute Gaming Chair. When looking at a chair there are going to be a few criteria to look over;

  • How easy is it to assemble?
  • Design & Build Quality
  • COMFORT & Value

Now we’ve established that we’ll go through them one by one and then we’ll get to our final thoughts!


As you can see in the picture below, there aren’t a lot of parts. The instructions claim it should take 1 person around 20 minutes to put this together. Not to brag, but it only took me 15 wahey! *cough*

Anyway, the BraZen Salute was super easy to put together, the instructions were very easy to follow. It didn’t take me long and I had an extra pair of hands there if I needed them, but I did not. The only tool required is an Allen key and that came included! No more than 15 minutes later, we had a fully assembled chair.

BraZen Salute Gaming Chair box contents

Design & Build Quality

As always with design, it’s going to come down to personal preference. In my opinion, the design of the BraZen Salute is really clean. I don’t think it looks TOO gamer-esque, so you could use it in a normal office setting but it also doesn’t look much like a generic Staples office chair either.

The armrests aren’t adjustable, however, they do have some nice padding with the same soft leather style material the chair is made of. In terms of actual features it only really has up & down lift and rocking, it doesn’t have full recline like some of the more expensive products in their lineup, something like the Phantom Elite.

The build quality is actually really solid. The casters and the base are all hard plastic and the material as previously mentioned is a soft leather style material. There seems to be ample padding in the chair, but I wouldn’t describe it as mushy.

One thing I did notice and I don’t know if this is intentional. But, when I looked up this chair model I could only currently find them for sale on Amazon. Though surprisingly, this colour wasn’t among the list available. So if you particularly like this version you may be unable to acquire it right now.

BraZen Salute Gaming Chair close up of different sections of the chair

Comfort & Value

In the previous section, I mentioned a couple of things that I’ll be covering here, the BraZen Salute‘s features and the padding! Firstly the features, unlike with some other products which admittedly cost quite a lot more, this doesn’t have a whole lot of them. It has your typical lift mechanism and it rocks, that’s it. The armrests are solid plastic with no ability to be adjusted but they are topped with cushioned material wrapped in the soft leather style finish.

There is ample cushion in the backrest and base which provides a really comfortable sitting experience for my butt, even over long gaming sessions. However, I found for my personal preference, the backrest was a little short. I’m only 5’9 but I prefer a tall backrest, however, my wife is 5’2 and the chair was perfect for her. So maybe if you’re looking at this, I would consider it perhaps for a teenager or, if you’re a little on the shorter side for yourself and it would be absolutely fine.

That’s comfort covered so how is the value? As mentioned in the previous section, I couldn’t actually find the BraZen Salute for sale on the BraZen website. It was, however, on Amazon for £114.95. So, it’s a fair bit cheaper than some of the other products in the BraZen range and quite honestly, given some of the basic office chairs I’d bought in the past, I’d say it’s relatively good value.

If you’re not wanting to commit to spending £200 or so on a chair that may have a few more features. Or maybe if full recline and adjustable armrests etc. aren’t features you’re particularly bothered about, then the BraZen Salute is at a very solid price point to look at.

BraZen Salute Gaming Chair fully built

BraZen Salute overall thoughts

So, the BraZen Salute looks pretty good, it’s relatively cheap and it’s comfortable. Would I recommend it? I always recommend people hold off pulling the trigger, shop around, wait for sales and maybe you could make your money go a little further. But honestly, for effectively £115 you do get a good chair for your money and I don’t think you’d be disappointed in your purchase. I think I could quite easily recommend this chair to people.

The BraZen Salute gaming chair was reviewed by our writer Stubat. You can follow him on Twitter HERE. The chair itself is available HERE on Amazon. Whilst you don’t have to buy through that link, and it’s by no means an affiliate link to earn us pennies, we have linked to the site. Meaning anything you purchase on there, will help raise money for a charity of your choice by giving a percentage of the sale to them. Oh, and while you’re here, why not check out more of our hardware reviews by clicking HERE.

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Thaks for your honest review. i will consider it because its bit cheap and comfortable


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