Astat 700 G2 gaming chair review: Genesis’ reinvention of comfort and functionality for Gamers

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As a games journalist, I’m always eager to get my hands (or in this case, my entire body) on the latest offerings from the gaming world. Genesis, a household name in gaming accessories, has certainly kept the hype alive with the introduction of the upgraded version of their Astat 700 model, now dubbed the Astat 700 G2.

This reinvented model offers a stylish and sophisticated blend of comfort and functionality that promises to elevate your gaming experience. Today, I’ll be doing a deep dive into what this chair has to offer, but first, let’s take a look at the specs of this thing:

Genesis Astat 700 G2 full chair

Genesis Astat 700 G2 specs

Backrest upholstery materialMesh PureFlow Plus
Seat upholstery materialMesh PureFlow Plus
Base materialAluminum
Castors materialNylon with CareGlide coating
Castors size60 mm
Recommended height160 – 195 cm
Acceptable weight120 kg
Headrest adjustmentUp and down, Tilt angle
Armrest adjustment3D
Height of armrests27.5 – 34.5 cm
Seat depth adjustment50 – 52 cm
Seat height adjustment44.5 – 51.5 cm
Lumbar adjustmentYes
Lumbar pillowNo
Backrest tilt angle135 °
Rocking functionYes
Chair mechanismMultiblock with seat adjustment (front-back)
GasliftClass 4
Seat depth50 – 52 cm
Seat width50 cm
Backrest width47.5 cm
Backrest height58 cm
Chair height114 – 128 cm
Weight18 kg
Included AccessoriesSet of assembly elements
Catalogue numberNFG-1945

Now time to see what all these bits and bobs really equate to.

Construction and assembly

The ease of assembly that comes with the Astat 700 G2 is undoubtedly a significant selling point. The entire process is a breeze; even if you’re flying solo, you’ll have the chair assembled and ready for action in no time. This is fantastic news for those who may not have a knack for complicated assembly instructions or just want to jump right into their gaming sessions without fuss.

The chair’s solid construction, highlighted by the innovative 8-rib ExoBase™ design, further strengthens its case. Not only does this unique design lend the chair a slick, futuristic appearance, but it also bolsters its stability, ensuring it can comfortably handle up to 120kg. The use of aluminium in the base and nylon coated with CareGlide for the castors underscores the robustness of the chair, promising a long lifespan even with heavy use.

Comfort and breathability

The comfort factor is where the Astat 700 G2 really pulls ahead of the competition. The PureFlowPLUS™ mesh material that upholsters both the backrest and seat is a game-changer and a key reason why this chair feels so comfortable, even after long hours of use. The mesh promotes breathability and air circulation, making the chair a perfect companion for those intense gaming sessions where every second counts and the room temperature just seems to keep climbing.

The seat’s frontal cushioning adds an extra layer of comfort that is hard to ignore. It not only supports you during gaming marathons but also reduces the risk of discomfort or strain, ensuring you can keep your focus entirely on the game.

Genesis Astat 700 G2 PureFlowPLUS™ mesh material


Genesis has clearly gone all out to ensure that the Astat 700 G2 can be customised to fit the individual needs of its users. With adjustments available for the recline, height, and seat depth, you can tweak the chair to perfectly suit your preferred seating style and posture. This is a huge boon, given that everyone’s body is different, and what’s comfortable for one person may not be so for another.

The 3D armrests are a standout, offering multi-directional adjustments—up, down, forward, backwards, and swivel. This gives you the flexibility to position your arms in the most comfortable and ergonomically suitable manner for long periods.

The cherry on the cake is the ExoBase™ and adjustable headrest. They can be customised to enhance your comfort and help maintain a good posture throughout your gaming sessions, thus mitigating the risk of back or neck strain.

Value for money

At approximately £240, the Astat 700 G2 doesn’t fit into the budget gaming chair category. But when you take into account the wealth of features, superior comfort, and excellent adaptability it offers, the price point becomes much more reasonable.

The chair is undoubtedly a long-term investment. With its robust construction and quality materials, it’s designed to withstand extensive usage over time. Moreover, the health benefits of its ergonomic design and comfort features should not be overlooked. While there are cheaper options out there, they may not offer the same level of comfort or adjustability, potentially leading to discomfort or physical issues down the line.

When all these factors are taken into account, it’s clear that the Genesis Astat 700 G2 offers excellent value for money, making it a worthwhile investment for any serious gamer.

Genesis Astat 700 G2 side view showing ExoBase™ spine

Room for improvement

While the Astat 700 G2 offers a stellar gaming chair experience, there are a couple of areas where Genesis could make improvements. The armrests could extend further forward, as they seem to be just a little short, even at full stretch. And the base of the chair could offer more space underneath for easier cleaning. Normally with any chair I’ve had, the base is high enough to get a hoover head under there, now I have to go to the effort of wheeling the chair all of six inches out the way.

These are, however, minor issues and certainly don’t detract from the overall brilliance of the product. The only major let-down is the current availability of the Astat 700 G2 in the UK, which is a tad disappointing given Genesis’ reputation for delivering high-quality products.

Overall thoughts on the Astat 700 G2 gaming chair

In conclusion, the Genesis Astat 700 G2 gaming chair is a solid contender in the gaming chair market. Its thoughtful design, superior comfort, and ease of assembly make it an ideal choice for any gamer seeking to elevate their gaming experience. Despite minor issues and its price point, the Astat 700 G2 offers value for money that’s hard to ignore. If Genesis can improve the availability of this model in the UK, they will certainly have a winner on their hands.

If you want to check out more about this chair, head to the official product page on the Genesis website. And if you fancy checking out some more reviews, click right here.

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