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One of the greatest pleasures in life is having a good meal – sweet or sour, fine or comforting, exotic or homemade. Regardless of the preferences, having and trying new foods is something exciting, to say the least. Even better is having this opportunity just a several clicks away from you due to the fast and easy-to-track delivery services.

The countless options that are accessible in the world of food delivery make it easy to taste all the world’s cuisines without ever leaving your house. In fact, instead of one, you can sample several cuisines at once. And although purchasing online is an option, you can also do that by using gift cards! Whether you’re a foodie looking to expand your palate or a gamer looking for some fuel for the next battle, Eneba’s gift cards — Deliveroo and Just Eat got your needs covered.

Deliveroo – for the lovers of food

Established in 2013 Deliveroo remains one of the top meal delivery businesses around the UK. Now celebrating its ten-year anniversary, Deliveroo offers a wide range of food choices from fast food to sophisticated local places. Did you know that the top trending meal of 2022 in London was the legendary burrito from Chipotle? Thai, Mexican, Indian, British, and other cuisines have never been as much connected before as now through services like Deliveroo!

Look for any type of cuisine based on your location on the website and app, choose your order, and if needed redeem your Deliveroo gift voucher in the payment section. No matter if it’s for you or another person, select a card that will suit your budget the best. Gift card prices range from several pounds to £100. So, don’t miss your chance to pursue your Deliveroo time!

Just Eat with your gift card

Founded 22 years ago, Just Eat alongside Deliveroo is one of the most famous food delivery services in the UK. Having started its activity in Denmark, the app is now active across more than 20 countries worldwide, the UK including. Similarly to Deliveroo, on Just Eat one can find the most appealing variety of meals.

Discover different restaurants and cafes different from Deliveroo with a Just Eat gift card. From Caribbean to Chinese – cuisines from all around the world can be on your plate without turning your kitchen into a dirty nightmare. Once you have a gift card, no need for cash or a card will be needed. Explore the service with plentiful restaurant partners that is going to enhance your taste buds like nothing else.

In between games, it's important to have food. Like in this image which shows two players with a pizza on the table infront of them.

Fueling the fun: Our favourite gaming foods

Now you know where you can get your food from, we thought we’d tell you a little about what some of our folk at FULLSYNC enjoy when we’re having a good old-fashioned gaming session:

  1. Pizza: An all-time favourite, pizza is the quintessential gaming food. Its customisable nature allows gamers to choose their preferred toppings, and its easy-to-share format makes it perfect for group gaming sessions. Plus, it’s easily ordered online or via apps for minimal downtime.
  2. Energy drinks and snacks: Gaming can be intense, so many players rely on energy drinks and snacks to maintain focus and stamina. Favourites like Monster and Sneak Energy provide a quick energy boost, while snacks like Doritos, popcorn, and pretzels offer satisfying crunch and flavour.
  3. Burgers and fries: Fast-food chains like McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC, if you prefer chicken, are popular choices for gamers craving a classic burger and fries combo. All are available from both Just Eat and Deliveroo.
  4. Sushi and Asian cuisine: When we feel like being a little more adventurous, there is nothing better than some sushi and other Asian dishes including ramen and bao buns. All are full of rich flavours, vibrant colours, and most importantly, easy to eat.
  5. Chocolate and candies: Gamers with a sweet tooth like our own MaddOx often indulge in chocolates and candies to satisfy their cravings during long gaming sessions. Gummy bears, Skittles, and M&M’s are popular choices due to their quick consumption and minimal mess.
Gamer with food on desk

Let’s talk more about gaming

Eneba is more widely known as an international gamers’ network and digital marketplace platform. However, gaming is not limited to consoles and video games. Each and every gamer can make it an enhanced ritual with additional services. Hence, when it comes to taking breaks from tiring fighting online, Deliveroo and Just Eat might be just what you’re looking for.

Although gaming cards can top up your gaming experience, food order and delivery cards take it to the next level. Food never hurt anybody, and henceforth a gamer – either during breaks, moments of losing or winning. If one immerses oneself in the pleasure of the gaming process, freshly prepared meals will always be comforting. 

No secret is that many people restrain themselves from ordering food despite the augmenting popularity of such services. A gift card, therefore, is either way, an amazing opportunity to award your loved ones, fellow gamers, and others. The most popular meals don’t cost hundreds of pounds. They are simple, not expensive, and yet irreplaceable. 

Don’t feel obliged to spend a vast amount of money on a gift card! Sharing a meal has always been considered a gesture of politeness across different cultures, and nowadays there are many alternative ways to do so, especially while gaming with food delivery services!

Close up shot of male hands typing on keyboard with snacks and other food within easy reach

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