Alfawise K1 Mechanical Keyboard review

by Chris Camilleri
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A keyboard has become a basic necessity in our everyday lives. We have become so dependant on technology that a PC, and Internet, have become indispensable in each and every building we interact with, and therefore this also means that the tools used to operate a PC have become more than commodities. The main question of nowadays is which keyboard to get. There are so many types and shapes and sizes of keyboards, that what was once a staple, white board, is now a whole spectrum of choices. One such type of keyboard is the Alfawise K1 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard.

This keyboard is specially designed for gaming, but serves all other uses that you’d want a keyboard for. As the name basically implies, this is a mechanical keyboard, so you WILL hear each and every input you make. This may be unappealing to some, but on the other hand some may be inclined to prefer these type of keyboards specifically due to the noise each keystroke makes. It does feel more gaming that way for sure.

One main feature of the Alfawise K1 keyboard is its illumination feature. Each key on the keyboard is backlit with colours of the rainbow, ranging from left to right. The illumination function can be toggled through a various number of settings; there is one which keeps the keyboard always glowing, like the image just below.

There are also options to illuminate only after keystrokes, where the whole row or even the board lights up, as below.

Row lighting upon key press.
Whole keyboard illuminates when striking a key.

Apart from the visual features, the keyboard is designed to be optimized for gaming. Testing it with a first-person shooter, the keyboard definitely feels very responsive, so there will be no input lag experienced.

The only downsides of the keyboard, which is strictly personal, is that the keys are a bit high off from the board, so sometimes your fingers might not be very comfortable and slip off. Also there is no keypad to the right, which doesn’t always get used playing games, but I do find I use them quite a bit. My dislike of these features could be also because the keyboard was not really used extensively, and I have become much more accustomed to my previous keyboard. Usage will surely eliminate these problems.

If you are looking for a cool gaming keyboard which does all the tricks of a prohibitively expensive one but at a fraction of the price, look no further than the Alfawise K1. This keyboard is the keyboard for you. Although its small compact size may take some getting used to.

Overall Score: 3.75/5

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