Let’s take a life VACAY! The Sims 4 Island Living review

by Rebel.Red.Carnation
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I have just started playing the new Island Living expansion for The Sims. As an avid player of the franchise, I pretty much count down the days until more expansions are released and I will literally buy everything for a taste of fake reality!

So far I have been conflicted by different expansions released for The Sims 4. Personally, I loved the City Living pack as it was so different from many of the other packs that have been available for a while, it has a real feel of community and I find it quite a fun take on The Sims. Whereas the last expansion I bought, Strangerville, was very small in comparison and not at all exciting. You had one very weird mission which I completed with ease and then that seemed to be it. But this is probably just my personal taste… It just didn’t really interest me that much!

Anyhow back to the ‘current’ expansion (haha little sea joke there). I feel it would be near impossible to give a really in-depth analysis of all aspects of The Sims Island Living expansion due to the large number of scenarios and situations you can explore you would have to play it 24/7 or shrink yourself into the game and live there forever (which I feel would be a nice escape.. did someone say motherlode!). So a brief overview will have to do.

Island Living swimming with a mermaid

I have really enjoyed exploring this pack as there is a whole host of activities to partake in; from sailing, snorkelling, talking to dolphins (how quirky) or becoming a real splishy splashy mermaid. Another cool aspect is the chance to pick up odd jobs to earn some simoleons, which I think is a good add-on to the game to allow you to make a quick buck between exploring the island and getting your Sims messed up on a pizza floaty in the sea. Whilst seeming like a trivial addition, this can actually help the inner explorer in you to have more free time to investigate the island rather than being bogged down by a normal full-time job (sounds good right, if only!!!)

I think the best thing about this expansion is the relaxing and laid back experience of island life. It provides endless possibilities and experiences which allow a vacation style experience without the pesky plane ride and the soggy smelly inflight sandwiches. The new purchasable items for our Sims’ homes are delightful and definitely bringing the holiday vibes along with the homes themselves, which are by the water and have a hut/lodge feel and more of a relaxed vibe to them. The new outfits and hairstyles are also delightful, I personally enjoy ransacking the new clothes when an expansion hits my PlayStation. Which reminds me of another addition that comes with Island Living, the fact that there is a clothing-optional situation for you budding nudists, adding a little fun to the game.

One major issue for me is the price of the expansions, you spend a lot of money on the actual base game then the expansions cost you upwards of £32.99. With the number of packs available and how quickly they are coming at us, it’s an expensive gig guys! Although worth the price for me, I feel it could be a little less expensive. Or the legends at EA could throw us a favour through a season pass of some kind or just make the packs less expensive, because with them coming thick and fast it can be a very pricey game in the long run.

Island Living swimming with a dolphin

For the future possible developments in expansions, it would be a nice to have a proper story like the traditional Sims games, having the option to follow a story and develop your character like in Bustin Out or The Urbz along with with the ‘life’ experiences of free-play mode.

Overall I give this expansion 90%, I love The Sims and I think this expansion is the best one after City Living. I am sure what they develop next will be equally magical and I look forward to it!


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The Island Living DLC is available now. You can check out more information about the latest Sims 4 expansion by visiting the official site HERE.

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