Whilst the Nintendo Switch was already portable with its multiple modes allowing you to play games the way you want, they still felt the need to release the Switch Lite. A handheld only version that has been incredibly popular, despite not having the flexibility of the original console. Which means people are in need of accessories for it, especially ones that will protect your precious gem from cracks, dents and scratches. Step in Venom with their latest range of Switch Lite accessories, which we have a couple to hand for review.

We have their Pro Gamer Case, Charging Stand and Screen Protector Kit to check out, so let’s get to it.

Build Quality & Design – 10/10

I was actually suprised how well built all these accessories were. I mean, it’s not some cheap piece of kit from an unknown seller on Amazon, but still, I normally manage to find one or two things wrong with things, because I’m the type of person who loves to complain about anything. Even if it’s just to wind people up with silly, irrelevant arguments.

Let’s start with the Pro Gamer Case. The case itself feels robust and is designed to fit around the existing shell of the Switch Lite. And whilst some cases cover ports or don’t feel like they fit too well, this fits perfectly. It leaves all ports free to access, including the card slot so you can switch games without having to take it off.

On the reverse, there is a game case for you to store cartridges, with either side having slightly raised parts with matt hand grips to ensure comfort at all times. Meaning it’s not just a simple case, it’s there to help you perform better, more comfortably and be used as a travel kit by holding your games.

The Pro Gamer Case comes with a Screen protector Kit, which you can also buy separately in case you ever do break it. Although buying the kit separately will mean you get two screen protectors, and it’s always handy to have spares. The glass itself is thin, lightweight and manufactured to an impressive 9H standard which effectively means it will resist scratches harder than a knife. And since we had a spare, we decided to put it to the test, and they were right, although, apply enough force to it and will snap. But I don’t see anyone trying to bend their Switch Lite in two so you should be fine.

Finally, there is the charging stand. This is an ideal accessory if you’re planning on playing with multiple people on a journey for example. It has a compact fold-up design, with a flexible USB-C connector for ease of use. But the best bit is, the USB-C that plugs into your Switch is protected by a small plastic shell, that only comes down when resting your Switch on top of it, protecting it from accidental damage when not in use. And if you need to charge your Switch Lite when using the stand, just plug your official Nintendo charging cable in the back of the stand and it’ll recharge the batteries for you.

Features – 10/10

When it comes to the Pro Gamer Case, it has everything you could need. A hard outer shell to protect your Switch Lite from shocks if dropped and screen protector to protect it from scratches. More comfortable grips as well as an ergonomic design for added comfort. And, built-in storage to hold your game cartridges in so you can play more than one game on the go.

All whilst not restricting use by making it easy to use all controls, as well as free access to all needed ports. The only feature missing almost would be something to seal it up to keep it fully waterproof, but then that would remove some of the existing features it has.

The Screen Protector Kit comes with everything you’d need too. Wet and dry wipes to clean any dust particles from your screen, a soft cloth to finish it up and being tempered glass, you shouldn’t have any bubbles on display if installed correctly.

As for the Charging Stand, it’s small and compact, to the point it will fit in your pocket. Making it an essential accessory to include as part of a travel kit for the Switch Lite. Not just that, but due to the protective shell around USB-C connector, it’s not likely to be damaged easy, holds your console steadily and can be used to play your Switch Lite on whilst charging it up by plugging your charging cable into the back. Everything has been thought of when thinking about how it can best serve gamers. The only thing missing is maybe a spot of RGB lighting to make it for ‘real gamers’.

Value for Money – 10/10

I’m not sure how Venom have done it, but they’ve managed to create all these accessories at great prices too. The Pro Gamer Case can be found for as little as £9.99 online from Curry’s (price correct as of 23/08/2020) which is cheaper than many cases on the market that end up being either more restrictive or offer fewer features such as the built-in game cartridge holder.

Add to that as well that the Pro Gamer Case comes with a Screen Protector Kit too, which the double pack we received costs £5.99 on Amazon (price correct as of 23/08/2020), it’s genuinely impressive how much bang you get for your buck. And for a double pack on their own for Screen Protectors, that’s a pretty competitive price point. Especially when many are actually plastic instead of tempered glass, leaving you more susceptible to bubbling under the surface.

As for the Switch Lite Charging Stand, this falls in between the two other accessories prices. Retailing at around £7.99 online at places like the Accessory Outlet (price correct as of 23/08/2020) it’s a bargain compared to competitors products that reach upwards of £15.00. So with the Pro Gamer Case and the Charging Stand, you could have a self-made travel kit for less than £20, that includes a decent screen protector too.

Overall thoughts of the Venom Switch Lite accessories?

If you’re on the lookout for accessories for your precious Switch Lite. Venom will not steer you wrong. They’re offering everything you could need in a Case and a Charge Stand, and their Screen Protector quality is second to none. Add to that the features they’re packed with, and extremely low price point, you’re onto a winner here.

Although I question how much Venom is actually making because it’s almost too good to be true. You normally get what you pay for, but here you feel you get that and more. We can’t say anything less than these are essential pieces of kit for any Switch Lite owners.

You can find more information about all these accessories on the official Venom website, which we’ll magically take you too if you click HERE. And whilst you wait for your new accessories to arrive, you can find more of our hardware reviews HERE.

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