SureFire Martial Claw and Silent Flight review

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There are two staple requirements when gaming on a PC. You want a solid-performing mouse that is comfortable to hold for long gaming sessions and a smooth surface for it to glide across. Today, we’re looking to see if SureFire can provide just that as we check out their Martial Claw gaming mouse and the Silent Flight mouse pad. So let’s get straight into it, shall we?

First impressions

After opening the parcel we were sent containing our SureFire gaming goodies, it revealed two boxes. The smaller one is for the Martial Claw mouse and the large containing the Silent Flight RGB mouse pad. The packaging was of high quality and looked quite promising, each box listing some of the key features of both devices.

Upon opening them I have to say, the products looked better in person than the images suggested. I mean we’re all used to photos not looking like the real thing with all the Snapchat filters out there now, but these actually looked better. Both items had a decent bit of weight to them and felt like quality products that should be able to keep pace with the tests we put them through. The first thing I made sure to check when getting them both out of the box was the cabling. Both feature a nice nylon braided cable, which yes, they can snag and catch and pull, but are so much better than the cheaper rubber alternative.

Starting with SureFire’s Martial Claw, the mouse is a very bottom-heavy accessory and you can feel where all the weight is situated in it. It has a nice RGB light strip running around the base and moving with its ergonomic design. You then have the SureFire logo based just below where the bottom left of your palm would rest on it. There are seven input buttons on it in total, with the two on top pre-programmed to allow you to easily adjust the DPI. Above that, you have the scroll wheel which also lights up but has two rubber strips on either side for optimum grip.

As for SureFire’s Silent Flight mousepad, it too has an RGB light strip that runs around the outside. The top left of the mouse pad contains the control button for the lights and is also where you plug in the power cable, which is detachable and not permanently fixed. A great feature to have for portability. The top surface of the mouse pad is soft and smooth to allow a perfect glide across the top, whilst underneath is a rubber coating that grips your desk like nobody’s business to keep it from flapping around. The only letdown is it would’ve been nice if it could’ve somehow incorporated the RGB lighting into the logo as with the mouse.

SureFire Martial Claw and Silent Flight in boxes


This section doesn’t appeal too much to the SureFire mouse pad although it is smooth and soft and doesn’t irritate the skin or catch any stray arm hairs when you’re resting your arms on the edge. Yes, our focus here instead is on the Martial Claw mouse. This little gadget has been ergonomically designed in order to fit your hand like a glove. Although a glove you put your hand on rather than in. It is such a snug fit and is contoured around the shape of your hand to make using it, even after a prolonged session on Overwatch 2, extremely comfortable.

The buttons are all located in easy reach without the need to over-exert those fingers of yours or for you to move around your hand too much to get them. And I have quite small chubby hands too so that’s a big win for me. But even though it’s so easy to grip, it also feels like there is more room there for those with bigger hands to comfortably use it as well.


In terms of the SureFire Silent Flight, it’s incredibly easy to use. Just unroll the mouse pad, lay it flat and plug in the USB cable to the power supply. You’ve then got a small button that will cycle through a range of colours before switching to different lighting modes that perform different effects and merge between colours as they switch. You may find fresh out of the box the sides can be a little curved, but after a little, while it all flattens out easily enough.

As for the mouse, it’s as simple as plugging it in and away you’ll go. As mentioned, buttons are pre-programmed to perform certain actions, as with any standard mouse. But you can download software to change the settings on it and customise it more to your liking. It’s incredibly easy to do, although I personally found it set up just fine once I found a DPI setting that I was comfortable with to get the most out of my gaming experiences.

SureFire Martial Claw and Silent Flight mouse and mousepad

Value for money

This is where the SureFire accessories really shine. When you think of how much you can spend on peripherals nowadays, the options from SureFire are very reasonably priced for the quality you get. Sure(Fire) we haven’t used it for months and months so time will be the true test, but what we have experienced in the short time we’ve been using these products has been nothing short of fantastic.

The SureFire Martial Claw costs just under £30 and is available from retailers such as Amazon, with the Silent Flight mouse pad for less than £15 online too. That’ll be less than £50 in total for these two accessories that go hand-in-hand very well. For the number of buttons available and how well you can customise them, plus how comfortable the Martial Claw is to use, it is much better than many other budget options, and I even prefer it to some of the more expensive models I’ve used.

The only real area of improvement that would’ve been nice is to have had adjustable weights, or a way to remove the current ones but it’s a fully sealed unit. I have seen budget versions providing this before, and that’s the only reason I can see someone picking a competitor’s product over this if on a budget. Fortunately for me though, it is at a weight I rather like.

Overall thoughts of the SureFire Martial Claw and Silent Flight

Overall, the SureFire Martial Claw and Silent Flight are both solid products. They feel like they belong in a much higher price bracket compared to our experiences with some of our higher-end gaming mouse reviews. They have a premium feel and perform well even in intense gun fights, plus the mouse remains comfortable even after prolonged use. If you’re on a budget and in need of something that will likely last you a long time until you can afford to go to the next level, this is well worth a buy.

Get more details about these products and others from SureFire on their official website. And find more of our hardware reviews by clicking here.

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