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by Ben Kirby
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Cheap headphones have been a “thing” for decades. Low-cost, penny-a-dozen sets were particularly prominent during the rise of the iPod and MP3 players. The difference in 2022 and the difference with the Super EQ S1, is that actually, low-cost doesn’t imply low-quality anymore.

The Super EQ S1 is far from the first budget-friendly set of headphones I’ve reviewed in recent years, and the thing that stands out now (especially here), is that quality drivers and consideration for decent audio isn’t actually such a premium factor any longer.

Often manufactured in similar factories, using similar components as premium sets (some of this is conjecture, to be fair), are we starting to see that age-old “you’re just paying for the name” in the audio space?

I can’t guarantee that, but I can tell you the Super EQ S1, and other headphones I’ve reviewed as of late, have been excellent compared to those old tinny, crackly earbuds you used to get on eBay.

We’ve come a long way, and the Super EQ S1 headset is a shining example of just that. Decent build and audio quality and more affordable prices (retailing at approximately £70 on Amazon at the time of writing).

Super EQ S1


This is a lovely looking headset. The Super EQ S1 comes in white with red elements that really pop in contrast. It looks soft and sturdy, and truth be told, that’s exactly what it is.

Over-ear headphones aren’t always a favourite of mine, because of my big head, and the ear cups are sometimes a touch too small for me, giving me some discomfort. But initial impressions are that the Super EQ S1 is the real deal straight out of the box.

Presented with a soft faux leather carry bag, too. You’re getting some lovely premium style for your money.

Sure, white is a colour that can go dirty quick, but I love the red accents and how clean they look out of the box. After-care is the owners’ responsibility. I’ll keep them clean, I hope…..


If they look good, that’s great. But by and large, the real focus is the audio quality. With a lot of questionably translated text around the box, I can see that the Super EQ S1 actually uses 40mm drivers that are apparently “Hi-res certified”. Honestly, I’m not sure what that means or who the certification board is, but……they sound great!

Certification be damned, I can only assume it’s some kind of standards test that needs to be passed, based on the quality of the sound coming through the drivers. The Super EQ S1 is quality across the board. I’ve made them go incredibly loud, smashed them with deep treble and bass. Scoured songs for those light-touch plinky-plonky strings and back-of-the-mix instruments.

Everything is there.

The all-around quality here is frankly exceptional. I’ve picked out all of the elements of some of my oldest/favourite tracks and never lost anything to blurry mid-tones or issues with the higher-end of the register.

Generally, everyone focuses on bass and treble, so it’s almost a given these days. It’s the mid-range that gets lost, but not here. Amazing work here.

The active noise cancellation is really good too. It’s the classic “have my ears congested?” feeling of losing the perception of sound external to the headset, and it works really well. Perfect for mowing the lawn in spring and summer!


As with all headphones like these, the microphone is built-in and honestly, it’s serviceable. I know we need microphones in everything now, especially as these are likely linked up to your phone, and you’re possibly going to receive a call. That’s fine.

I won’t be making all my calls with the Super EQ S1, nor will I be using it for team chat in a game or something. But that’s not what it’s for. The design intention is for light phone usage, and for that, it delivers.

Build and Comfort

Well damn. The Super EQ S1 looks great, as we already established. But they sure do feel great, too. With solid, thick plastics, cushioned with soft faux leather, the headband feels sturdy and comfortable.

Earcups are the perfect size for my ears, and the foam is actually a little more firm than a lot of headphones I’ve tried. I like it, they’ll bed-in nicely instead of losing shape over the space of a few hours. Again, soft covering, too.

With the earcups folding into the headband, too, the Super EQ S1 fits nicely into the soft bag they come with. Built to last and with user comfort in mind, I’ve not seen a headset at this price range have so much effort put into their design. Excellent work here!

Well-placed buttons for volume, power and active-noise cancellation. I’m confident in using them without looking, and they’re robust enough to be used repeatedly over many many listens. This is important because I’ve found amazing audio in headphones, only to not be able to switch them on because the button build was so poor. Not here though!


This is an easy 9.0 out of 10 for me. I don’t recall scoring anything this high before, but the Super EQ S1 has truly surprised me.

If you’re in the market for a well-priced, high-quality headset with “certified Hi-Definition audio” you’re in the right place.

I don’t know what the certification means, but I do know that some songs haven’t sounded so good to me for quite some time, and that’s a big deal. I love listening to old favourites that I know every inch of. Because I can listen for background elements and see what’s present. No issues here!

Excellent work.

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If you’re interested in investing in some audio equipment from Super EQ, then there has never been a better time to pick up some of their products. That’s because right now they have a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE sale! Available on the S2, S8 and the Q2PRO. You can also save up to 60% with code “MORE20″/”SAVE20” on the S1 we have just reviewed. Just head over to their official website to check out what they have on offer:

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