Sandberg USB Webcam 1080P HD Review

by Chris Camilleri
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As technology keeps on having a more dominant role in our lives, more and more products are flung in our direction. Be it webcams, smartphones, new televisions or other daily peripherals, tech companies are flocking about quite a lot, which means the variety for any item is slowly becoming so vast that there will be something on the market for any individual at any price range.

Sandberg are slowly becoming an incredibly useful retailer for any and all tech needs. Ranging from microphones to office headsets to even Esports equipment, the Danish brand is practically catering for anyone needing any piece of technology. One of their biggest ranges is the Webcam section, where they cater for all needs. In this review we will go over one of the premium additions to this section, the USB Webcam 1080P HD.

The box is compact, as the camera.

First of all, the box in which the camera comes in is small and compact, taking absolutely no space at all wherever you may place it, meaning this camera is perfect for travel. By comparison, a OnePlus 6 SmartPhone is just as big as the box’s biggest side, showing how small and practical the box and the camera are.

Connecting to a PC via USB adds to this practicality even more, making it an ideal companion on your voyages. Taking the camera out of the box, it is as small as you’d expect with a box this tiny, but it still is large enough to place comfortably. With an added clip for further stability, you can practically place it anywhere without fear of it falling over itself. The USB wire is about 2 metres long, meaning you have quite a lot of freedom in terms of positioning as anywhere close to the computer will be in reach of the webcam wiring.

Connecting to a PC is incredibly easy as the camera is plug and play; you do not even need to install it to work. The computer will immediately detect it as a video source, so you are free to go ahead with whatever use intended for the camera immediately. It does not get any easier and quicker than this.

The black finish makes it look incredibly slick

The output of the camera is exactly as advertised in 1080P, so the resolution should never be a problem. Photos taken are incredibly clear, although it needs a well-illuminated spot in order to show off the clarity of the photos. Video is also clear, but it is in 30fps so it will seem a little cinematic, just like PlayStation 3 games. 60fps is definitely not a dealbreaker but in a day and age where we are pushing towards 120, a webcam at 30fps is not exactly top of the line.

Considering all of the above, Sandberg have produced yet another high quality item in an incredibly compact size. Had it been at a price range of around £40 it would have been the ideal accessory for your everyday classes and Zoom calls, but for nearly double that price point it feels a little overpriced when checking out alternatives even from Sandberg themselves. Don’t get me wrong, the camera is great and extremely practical, but given how much technology is advancing, it will be obsolete in the space of not years but months.

Check out the USB Webcam 1080P on Sandberg’s website.

And for more products, check out their official website.

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