Sandberg has been in the electronics game for a while now, making everything from cables to headsets. Last year though they decided to bring their passion for creating quality and user-friendly products to the eSports world with the Sandberg Esports Equipment series. We were lucky enough to get our hands on one of their more basic products to review, the Gamer Mousepad.

You’d be forgiven if you thought that no one used mouse pads anymore; I don’t think we have a single one in my office at work except for those people who require wrist rests following a health and safety assessment. It’s understandable why people would think this though as the pad may not make a difference for everyday users in an office, but a mouse simply working off a worktop could be the difference between life and death for a gamer. It’s all well and good having reactions like a cat and a computer quicker than Usain Bolt, but if the surface you’re using your mouse on isn’t smooth, even and in a fixed position, you can end up losing valuable time in games. Time to test the Gamer Mousepad from Sandberg.


The Gamer Mousepad’s main function is to provide a surface that offers premium in-game precision for the user. It does this in three ways, the first of which is by having a non-slip coating on the underside combined with added weight. This prevents the mat from moving when in use, even during those moments where you start repeatedly slamming your mouse into the desk. The mouse pad also helps due to the material used; soft to touch it is extremely durable and flexible ensuring that your mouse glides across with ease without compromising tracking control. The final way the mat helps is its large size – measuring 45cm x 40cm – there will be no going up and down the edges with swift movements here. The only downside is that for some people the mat may be a little big, it literally just fits on my desk – overlapping the edges slightly – but my desk is quite narrow so other people may not face that issue.

Sandberg Gamer Mousepad out of box with mouse on top

COMFORT: 4.5/5

There isn’t much I can say about the Gamer Mousepad comfort-wise. If you’re going to stretch your arm out a little then due to the soft material and the fact it is well padded you won’t be in any discomfort. The only obvious improvement would be to place a gel pad along the bottom of the pad to offer enhanced support for the user, reducing the risks of picking up a terrible eSports injury.  


The build quality of the Gamer Mousepad can’t be complained about in all honesty. The trim around the edge has been sewn together, securely fixing the pad material on top to the anti-slip mat beneath. Not only does this hold everything together, it also prevents the edges from fraying which is great, as after a lot of use some mats begin to wear down and fall to pieces.

Sandberg Gamer Mousepad underneath anti slip coating


In terms of value for money, you certainly do get a lot of surface area for what you pay for the Gamer Mousepad, which is £12.99 on the Sandberg site.  And the quality speaks for itself; as mentioned above it’s made from high-quality and durable material, helping you achieve optimum performance when playing games. However, it’s a case of whether or not you need something this big because you can get smaller sized ones from bigger eSport brands for half the price. That said if you have a large desk then this may be ideal for you.

Sandberg Gamer Mousepad overall score: 4.5/5

Overall the Sandberg Gamer Mousepad is an ideal accessory if you’re looking to get into eSports or if you just want a quality mousepad for your desk to help you reach peak performance. Functionality-wise it does everything it says on the box and although the size may be a little big for some, if you have a large desk it shouldn’t be an issue. The only real improvement to make would literally be adding a wrist rest at the base of the mat to offer added support and alleviate pressure on your joints, otherwise, there isn’t anything else I could think of that you’d need.

If you’d like to check out more from the Sandberg Esports Equipment range, you can do so by clicking HERE. And you can check out more of our hardware reviews HERE.

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