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As a thank you for all the graphical work he’s done so far on the site, we let our pal Mr MyStRo out of his cage so he could have a play with the Sandberg Eliminator gaming mouse. Here’s what he had to say:


When this item initially arrived, I was very pleasantly surprised to see the high quality of packaging. This to me is a great sign, as it shows the company takes pride in themselves and what they produce. As you’ll see from this tweet, I also had a bit of fun messing with the box too:


Two very essential elements to any product are build quality and comfort, and with this product, you won’t be disappointed. Relative to similar products in its price range, the Sandberg Eliminator mouse is as comfortable, whilst also providing you with a more sturdy product due to a built-in iron plate.

Upon this, the product is aesthetically beautiful due to a more creative design approach and a multi colour backlight, as well as a braided cable to give strength and longevity to the product.


When looking at the functionality of a mouse my primary focus as a consumer, is its ability in its primary use as well as adaptability for other applications. With this in mind, the variety of DPI’s this gives is great, providing you with 800, 1200, 1600 and 2400 switchable options.As well as giving the product sturdiness the built-in iron plate also helps with use.

As well as giving the product sturdiness the built-in iron plate also helps with use. Personally, I’ve found that it reduces my urge to lift the mouse awkwardly, and has lead to me being able to use a greater sensitivity in FPS games and thus play better as a result.


When it comes to value for money I’d say this product is exceptional. Although slightly higher at £21.99 than some budget gaming mice, I feel the extra build quality not only in the product itself but also the packaging are more than worth the extra cost.

PROs & CONs:

To compile this I used my prior mouse (Sharkoon Sharkforce) as a baseline, as these products are in the same price range.


  • More Aesthetically Pleasing Design – Multi-Colour Backlight – Good DPI Range (800, 1200, 1600 and 2400)
  • Stronger Product (Note: I could probably knock someone out with this mouse)
  • Better Packaging


  • Slightly higher cost (Relative to the Sharkoon Sharkforce at £15.99)
  • Slightly higher base DPI (Although easier conversion for true sensitivity)
  • Can’t set the colour of backlight (just cycles)
  • No indicator of which DPI is on besides visually checking
  • The Sharkoon Sharkforce and Sandberg Eliminator cables side by side


  • Sharkoon has an extra piece where your thumb goes, which at the time felt great but now seems more of a hassle with dirt and wear it got.
  • Hasn’t yet become an issue, but the sides of the Eliminator due to the design may gather muck (Although the scroll is actually better than the other for this due to being larger gaps).
  • Eliminator has a higher base DPI than my old mouse but a better range (800,1200,1600,2400 compared to 600, 1000, 1600)


I feel that this product, on the whole, is excellent value for money, and is the ideal purchase for someone on a budget. It provides you with a beautiful product which works wonderfully and is built to last.

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