SaharaGaming SaharaMic2 review

by MaddOx
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Today we’re going to be taking a look at a new product from SaharaGaming, the SaharaMic2.

The SaharaMic2 is a detachable microphone with a 3.5mm connector meaning it can be connected to a wide range of devices and takes very little power to run with the kicker being it can be used to turn any set of headphones into a gaming headset. But how is it? Check out this video to see what we thought!

Check out this list of the SaharaMic2’s features:

  • Upgrade your headphones to be Headset: The latest SaharaGaming patented audio modular unit can be attached to any headphone design and save you swapping between your indoor or outdoor headset;
  • Compatibilities: The microphone can be connected with Xbox, Play Station and USB devices (Y or USB adaptor are required and sold separately;
  • Sound Quality: Features the latest noise-cancelling unidirectional mic which provides you clear sound without background noise;
  • Mute: The SaharaGaming SD-2420 has a built-in Mute switch in-line so you can instantly silence it;
  • Platform: The SaharaMic2 is compatible with Mac and Windows, and the 3.5mm termination jack just plugs and plays (USB adapter might be required by using Mac laptop).

Overall thoughts?

So as you can see, we thought the SaharaMic2 was a pretty solid product, for what it is and for its price. It is rather versatile, feels decently made, looks good and sounds good.

The fact you can turn your audiophile cans into a gaming headset giving your mates a clearer voice chat is just the icing on the cake. In all honesty, this mic is a solid 9/10, are there better standalone options out there? Yes. Could you get one that sounds this good and comes in this form factor? Very unlikely.

Want some more detailed specs? Check out the official SaharaGaming website HERE, and for even more hardware reviews, click right HERE.

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