Sades Snowwolf gaming headset review

by Chris Camilleri
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In my opinion, sound is one of the most underrated senses among the five, or six if you believe in sixth senses. While it is true that sight is probably the most important when it comes to gaming, recent titles have shown us that an amazing soundtrack can distinguish a great game from a masterpiece. This means that in order to enjoy this type of game as you should, your audio equipment must be top-notch. That is where headsets come in.

At this moment on the market, there are tens of thousands of music equipment brands, each with their own offerings. These products range from extremely cheap earbuds to massively expensive headsets so that everyone is catered for. What one needs to be wary of is the actual quality of the headset, at least in comparison to the price they are spending. This is where the SADES Snowwolf Headset comes in. The headset is quite affordable, costing around the £30 mark. But is it worth the price tag?

SADES Snowwolf gaming headset

The first thing you notice about the headset, obviously, is its appearance. It comes in a very elegant and slick white finish, hence the name Snowwolf. Upon opening the box, you find the core parts disassembled so that you can start off however you find fit. The microphone is not fixed to the headset, meaning after you attach it you can choose to remove it at your convenience, making it also a great portable headset to jam to your beats outside of your own house (although why get out when the fun is inside really?).

The headset also comes with a separate pair of softer ear muffs, perfect for when the temperature starts falling and you need that extra bit of snuggly feeling around your ears. They feel so soft that it almost feels that you have an actual wolf around your ears, and the Snowwolf is even better as there’s no actual risk of it snapping your ears off!

The SADES Snowwolf is also quite light in terms of weight, so carrying it around when actually going out is not an issue at all. What I found out was that it is not very comfortable for wearing around your neck while not listening to music, but it could also be the case that I have quite a thick neck, so we’ll just say that experiences may vary.

Multi-platform headset, showing all platforms compatiable with the Snowwolf

In terms of audio, the headset delivers. The sound is crisp, the music is fantastic and bass thumping. Games also do feel great with the Snowwolf in your ears, as cutscenes and background music are exceptionally clear. The microphone is also quite good as well, which can be negative in cases where you swear a lot when playing FIFA. But I am definitely not one of those guys… Totally. Furthermore to being very clear, the microphone is of very small dimensions, meaning you almost don’t even spot it when you are wearing the headset.

To close off the review, I must say that the SADES Snowwolf Headset is amazing value for money. It delivers sound which is able to compete with high-end headsets costing £100 and over at a fraction of the price. Its design and white finish also give it that unique look that may attract more customers to purchase it.

The SADES Snowwolf TL;DR:

  • Headset looks very good in white
  • Sound is amazing, both for games and for music
  • Microphone is incredibly small but works great
  • Compares with top of the line headsets at a portion of the price

Score: 4.2/5

The SADES Snowwolf Gaming Headset is available now, and you can purchase it through Amazon. Click HERE to head over to their store to check it out. You can also check out more of our reviews by clicking HERE.

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