PS3000 64GB 4K Retro Game Stick review

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We sometimes get offered some questionable gadgets to review from companies we’ve never heard of. Sometimes we take it to check out what they’ve got to offer if it looks interesting enough. Other times we sense a feeling that it could spontaneously combust and cause a house fire and we reject it at first sight. For this strange Game Stick device we’re reviewing today, our curiosity about it was strong enough not to go for the latter option.

What’s in the Box?

Upon inspection on the Geek-Buying website, which was confirmed on arrival, it looked to be a small device that would plug into a TV via an HDMI port, similar to an Amazon Fire Stick. It too powered up via a USB cable, which thankfully was included in the package. With that, there were two wireless controllers, which are built inside a PS3 controller shell, that connect via a small USB dongle device that pops onto the end of the Game Stick.

Game Stick Build Quality

Whilst it didn’t feel like the highest quality gadget I’ve ever had, it wasn’t extremely terrible. Very lightweight, and small in its design, it’s the kind of thing you can take wherever you go. As long as you have a screen with HDMI input of course. Although the controllers are a little bulkier being in the PS3 controller shell, except they don’t have the same weight to them the originals did, they’re incredibly light and it’s probably because it doesn’t have all the Dualshock tech inside.

The Content

From what the website stated, it had over 10,000 games, and if you remember the old original Gameboy titles where it was like 32 games in one, this was like that. Not as bad, it didn’t repeat every game numerous times just with different names, but there were multiple versions of some titles, usually like an EU and US version of the same game. But there was a tonne of games on there to play, all operated on through the sticks emulator software.

There were titles from retro consoles such as those from Atari, the original PlayStation and even Gameboy Advance games too, with much more available. And according to the website also, you can actually download Roms online and install them onto your stick to play wherever you go. However, we don’t condone downloading anything illegally, that would be incredibly naughty. So we didn’t actually check that out ourselves.

Game Stick Processor and Games Accepted

Although it’s likely many of the files already on the Game Stick aren’t licensed, kind of given away by the fact some games have their names changed. For example, Marvel vs Capcom I think it was, was titled something like Super Comic Fighters, and there was a whole series of games called the Legend of Zalda? Yeah, you get the drift.


Now, the funny thing about this stick is how it brags about being able to push out 4K graphics. But considering none of the consoles the Game Stick has emulators for even had HD graphics never mind 4K, it’s a brag that means very little. However, I was impressed at how smooth some of the games were, specifically Command and Conquer: Red Alert (only the Allied disc for some reason) which can be quite intensive when you’ve built up your troops.

But when I checked out Rayman: Advanced for the Gameboy Advance, things took a turn for the worse. It ran fine, but the image was zoomed in like we were still playing on a small screen, except we weren’t, we were on my 55” TV. So it became really uncomfortable to play at that point, as you couldn’t really see anything except for Rayman himself. And these issues happened on a few games, but mainly when it was from the handheld console selection.


The controllers were quite responsive though and worked even for multiplayer games. However, it did seem that one would take priority over the other for playing single-player titles, so you had to make sure you had the right one in order to play. The downside to them is to play the game, you have to use actual batteries in them. No rechargeable pack, or in-built battery, which I get keeps costs lower, but it would’ve been a nice feature.

Value for Money

Well, if you think about how much you spend on one game nowadays, to consider that the Game Stick is currently on offer on the GeekBuying website at under £30.00, that’s a pretty good deal. Some of the retro titles you can play still cost more than that today if you are into your retro games.

If you fancy checking it out for yourself, you can get the PS3000 64GB 4K Retro Game Stick with 2 Wireless Gamepads and 10000+ Games Pre-installed for just $35.99/£28.04 when using this exclusive coupon: 6F0LSPQS.

Overall Opinions?

Overall the Game Stick is a cool little gadget, and it doesn’t break the bank either. It’s ideal for those retro gamers wanting to take a nostalgia trip back to their childhoods, however, it doesn’t handle every title ideally, but with so many games to play, you’ll soon find one that makes you happy. It does seem a little suspicious with the fact that games don’t have their correct names, and that it tells you you can put more games on there, but if you’re not one for following rules, you won’t mind too much.

Could make a nice little present, or if you travel a lot and don’t want to drag a PC or console with you, this Game Stick makes a nice alternative. It’s by no means perfect, but the Game Stick is not the worst gadget we’ve ever tested.

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