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The great thing about the Nintendo Switch is its portability. You can take it with you anywhere and everywhere; on the train to work, with you on the plane as you jet off on holiday, or even to the toilet if you think you’re going to be there a while. But you don’t want to be carrying it around unprotected when it isn’t in use; you could crack the screen, scuff the controllers or anything. That’s why it’s important to get yourself a good sturdy case to protect your precious cargo, and Poconic have just released an awesome Mario inspired case that could be worth taking a look at.


Now when you get yourself a carry case for your Switch, the main things you’re looking for is durability and size. You don’t want something that will break in a couple months or won’t absorb the impact of a fall, and you don’t want something that is going to be taking up too much space in your bag, suitcase or your hands. Fortunately, the design of Poconic case has this in mind. The case has a lightweight and sturdy EVA shell coated in a tough PU leather material, perfect for absorbing impact shocks, whilst also offering sufficient cushioning on the inside for premium protection. To seal the case, a heavy duty double zip has been included, keeping the case locked securely. If that wasn’t enough though, the Mario design which we’ll talk more about in a second, also doubles up as an extra latch, offering magnetic buttons that clip in to place.

The Mario design isn’t purely just for security though, it is there to pay homage to one of the most popular video game characters of all time, and it really does look great. The Oxford cloth it is made from (not too sure what that really is to be honest) wraps all around the case and the material is sewn in to a high standard, with no signs of it peeling away or stitching coming loose. The latches on Mario’s overalls then pop over the top of the case, and two magnetic buttons pop into place holding the case firmly shut.


In terms of functionality, this case like most comes with a mesh elasticated net to hold your headphones, charger cable and other bits in place, elastic straps to secure your Switch inside the case and the usual 10-game card slots so you can take your cartridges with you and can leave the bulky cases at home. The case does differ in one way though, and that’s by having a built-in stand squished in the middle of it all. An excellent idea which means you then have one less thing to carry around with you.

Best of all though is the stand inside doesn’t even really take up any extra room that would mean you have to leave bits out, because it doubles up by backing onto the card holder, and is then held securely in place with a Velcro strap, although it wedges in pretty fine without it too. There could be a little more room to more comfortably fit a charger in, but in fairness, at the right angle it can be done anyway, it’s just a shame there isn’t any screen rotation to allow you to put the charge port at the top. When not in use, it then folds flat in the case and the Velcro strap holds it down, and because of the soft material used, it actually offers extra protection to the Switch screen inside too when it’s shut. Making it one of the most functional cases I’ve ever come across.


Well, what can I say, it scores top marks in this section too. It offers everything your normal Switch cases do and more, meaning you save money on buying additional accessories like buying game card cases or a Switch stand to take with you. And despite the great functionality of the case, it doesn’t actually cost much extra, with most cases coming in at around the £10 mark, this is only a couple pound more expensive at £12.99 (price correct as of 15/07/2018). So ask yourself, why would you splash out on multiple accessories when you can have it all in the one package? It’s a no-brainer if you ask me.


I’m genuinely surprised we haven’t seen an official case like this from Nintendo themselves because not only does it pay homage to possibly the most popular character they ever created, but it just looks and feels like really high quality gaming accessory that you’d only normally find from the official manufacturer. With the benefit of added security to keep the case closed thanks to Mario’s overalls, plus a built-in Switch stand, it really does tick all the boxes there could possibly be on anyone’s list of things you’d want from a Nintendo Switch case. I genuinely can’t fault this product in any sense at all.

The Poconic Mario inspired Switch case is available on Amazon now for £12.99 (price correct as of 15/06/2018). You can click HERE or on the link above to be taken to the same seller we bought ours from but we’d like to inform you that we may earn monetary compensation for any purchases made through the link. If you’d like to see another Poconic Switch accessory we reviewed, you can click HERE.

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