Gioteck TX30 Switch Gaming Pack review

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Coming in astonishingly cheap at under £20, Gioteck has bundled their TX30 headset together with a few simple, necessary Switch accessories in one kit. It includes a carry case, tempered glass screen protector with a dust cloth, and, of course, the titular headset.

The case is solid, offering the Switch ample protection without being too big. I still wouldn’t go around chucking it at any walls, but the hard foam will easily keep all your Animal Crossing villagers safe from harm, but they will still grow to passively aggressively resent you over time.

It is missing a somewhat vital addition, though – almost every other Switch case I’ve ever seen has an attached game sleeve on the inside to store cartridges. Sure, you could just buy a separate cartridge case, but that means lugging around more stuff for a portable console.

You could just chuck loose games in the unzippered net if you were some kind of twisted monster. The included screen protector is easy to apply evenly, and I can’t wait to lose the microfiber cloth to the mystical void that consumes all of them wherever they may be.

Gioteck TX30 Switch Gaming Pack full contents

Obviously the main attraction in this bundle is the headset, which is more than adequate for the price. The headset alone would be worth £20, and when you consider that a similar case would run you half that by itself, with the average price of a pack of two tempered glass screen protectors being around £7.99, this is a really good package.

The TX30 isn’t going to blow you away in terms of audio quality, but it’ll do the job well enough. The build quality isn’t fantastic, feeling a little stiff and creaky, requiring quite a lot of force to adjust the headband. It compensates for this by adding a bit of extra plastic bulk, which makes the headset impractical for taking on long journeys. The mic is inline for added discretion, but the rest of it is so large that there’s little space saved at all.

The TX30 is comfortable, the cups themselves sit nicely on your ears and the band is padded just enough to rest snugly without feeling tight or heavy. Whether or not it’s robust enough to stand the test of time is another matter, but at this price point, it’s almost pointless worrying about it. It’s not exactly aesthetically pleasing, either, with the design shouting “I’M PLAYING MARIO KART ON MY COMMUTE” almost as much as wearing it on a t-shirt.

If you don’t mind wearing a garishly coloured piece of plastic on your head, more power to you, but the appeal of the Switch for many is the ability to just pick up and play without setup or unwieldy peripherals. The TX30, for all its good qualities, is most definitely an unwieldy peripheral.

The TX30 is an excellent gift if you’re looking to supplement an expensive console with the basic necessities, and would be absolutely ideal for younger players who aren’t going to get all snotty about audio quality. If you’re looking for something to take your Switch out and about with but don’t want to sacrifice sound fidelity for a bargain price, you might be better off buying a case/screen protector individually and just plugging in a decent pair of in-ear headphones for some truly portable, discreet game-time.

The TX30 Gaming Bundle for Switch is available now from all leading retailers. Whilst you go order yourself one and wait for it to be delivered, why not check out more of our hardware reviews HERE.

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