How to get The Roost Cafe in Animal Crossing

by Ben Kirby
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Over at I cover a lot of gaming and coffee content. It’s kinda my bag! So when I saw that in update 2.0 of Animal Crossing New Horizons they’re bringing back the Roost Cafe, I had to see it myself.

I haven’t played New Horizons for a while, so it was a bit weird seeing my old island friends and getting back to grips with things. Truth be told, it doesn’t seem to have changed too much, even over a year. I’m sure there is plenty of quality of life tweaks and changes, but New Horizons isn’t making me feel like I’ve been missing out.

Version 2.0 brings with it a few other changes, but I’m all about having a coffee shop on my Island! Here’s how to get The Roost.

Coffee Shop

Quick checks

Before you start, you need to make sure you’re signed in on the main account of the Switch, and you need to ensure that you’ve got at least one of every exhibit item type to the museum. Art, Bugs, Fish, Fossils and Sea Creatures.

I hadn’t done sea creatures before, which came in an update since I last played New Horizons. So I couldn’t trigger the quest for my little coffee shop. Make sure you’re good with exhibit types before you try to do anything else.

Make sure you speak with Blathers before trying to do anything else, too. New things like ordinance and boat trips are great, but be patient. Blathers is key to starting the search for Brewster.

Get Brewster

Step one is to go see Blathers at the museum. He wants to draw more patrons with a coffee shop (a great idea my man!). Blathers has an old friend called Brewster that used to run a cafe but has since shut down and gone AWOL.

Here we go! Grab a photo and grab a boat with Kapp’n, we’re going on a New Horizons-style journey (you visit another island, like when you travel via Dodo Airlines) but this time with sea shanties!

You’ll find Brewster pretty much straight away. Assuming you haven’t already been on a boat trip that day (before talking with Blathers), you’re good to go. You end up at a random island with a photo of Brewster in your hands. Low and behold! Here he is.

Cafe time baby.

Side note – I love that the coffee shop owner is called “Brew”ster


So, we’re good to go! Brewster wants to come to your island to set up his new cafe. I was made-up!

Get back on the boat and head home. Now you need to talk with Blathers about The Roost Cafe. He needs to know about Brewster’s pending return. Head over to the museum and tell him the good news. That coffee isn’t far away now!

Blathers is made-up, too. He needs to renovate the museum, though, so now it’s time to wait around. You get told to wait until the day after tomorrow, so it’s over 24 hours in the making. This isn’t just any cafe, this is The Roost Cafe, and in my experience, waiting for a good cup of coffee is a worthwhile endeavour.

So, do you. I’m sure you could mess with your clock on the Switch, but where’s the fun in that? Sort out your island, play another game that’s going to keep you busy. Live your life! It’ll be ready when it’s ready.

Opening day

Once you’ve waited patiently (or not….), you’ll see an announcement when you load into the game that day. The cafe is ready!!

You can choose to do a celebration, by going to see Tom Nook (robbing raccoon bastard!), or you can just head to the museum.

I chose to do a celebration, mainly to see who actually lives on my island because it’s been a long time and I’ve not been great at keeping up with it. So we did speeches, we took photos and then when everyone cleared off, I ran in to get that sweet sweet bean juice.

Enter the museum, go up the stairs and take a left to enter The Roost cafe.

I love it here. I love the vibe, I love the fact that Brewster uses proper coffee syphons (how-to coming soon to!) and the whole process is a joy. 200 bells per cup isn’t cheap, but damn if my little dude doesn’t seem to love it.


So that’s it. You can get your very own Roost Cafe on your island. It’s a lovely little addition to a quaint, calm game. Not hard to do, as long as you meet the basic pre-requisites.

Go for it, get your coffee and have a great time on your little slice of island life.

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