Starting off in Shadow of the Erdtree: Quick tips and item locations

by Ben Kirby
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It’s finally here! And on day 5 after release, I can say with complete certainty that Shadow of the Erdtree is significantly larger than anyone expected. It’s also more dense with content, with the map being much more vertical than The Lands Between.

I’ve had about 7 hours in now, not a lot by any measure. But…..I’ve seen a lot, died a lot and learned a lot.

So if you’re just getting started, I wanted to share some of my findings. To help you avoid my mistakes.

Shadow of the Erdtree - Torrent

Obtain Scadutree Fragments and Revered Spirit Ashes without fighting bosses

Levelling in the Realm of Shadow isn’t the same as The Lands Between, and all of your efforts to hit those high levels, levelling up those weapons and spirit ashes, are kind of redundant.

It’s actually a genius move on behalf of FromSoftware, because the playing field is level in Shadow of the Erdtree. Apart from experience, and a build you’re comfortable with, there’s not much else you can do to start with a big advantage.

Enemies in the Realm of Shadow are much tougher than in the base game. To enhance your power, focus on collecting Scadutree Fragments and Revered Spirit Ashes. These items significantly boost your damage output and reduce the damage you take, making the DLC much more manageable. Consuming these items at a bonfire grants you a permanent upgrade.

Shadow of the Erdtree - Fragments

Locations of Scadutree Fragments

You can collect 10 Scadutree Fragments without facing any bosses. Here’s where to find them:

  • 2x at Church of Consolation
  • 1x by the Three-Path Cross Site of Grace
  • 1x by the Main Gate Cross Site of Grace
  • 1x dropped by a shining Pot Shadow in a graveyard west of Prospect Town
  • 2x in Castle Ensis before any boss
  • 1x at Scaduview Cross Site of Grace
  • 1x at Pillar Path Cross Site of Grace
  • 1x in Belurat, Tower Settlement before any boss

Locations of Revered Spirit Ashes

Here’s where to find the Revered Spirit Ashes:

  • 1x on a cliff east of Scorched Ruins, just west across the gap from the Church of Consolation
  • 1x in the pond northeast of Prospect Town
  • 1x looted from the altar in Abandoned Ailing Village
  • 2x looted from Spider Scorpions shortly after entering Belurat Tower Settlement
  • 2x inside Belurat Tower Settlement
Shadow of the Erdtree - Dancing Lion

Early Shadow of the Erdtree DLC weapon locations

Want to try new weapons from the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC? Here are some you can find early on:

  • Backhand Blade (New Weapon Type): 30 seconds right from the first grace, by a coffin
  • Smithscript Dagger (New Weapon Type): Ruined Lava Forge Intake
  • Great Katana (New Weapon Type): 1-minute ride from the first grace in the lake by the dragon (yep, another damn dragon!)
  • Milady (New Weapon Type): Inside Castle Ensis in a tower chest
  • Swift Spear: On the road east of Castle Ensis
  • Firespark Perfume Bottle (New Weapon Type): In the camps in front of Castle Ensis, in a chest
  • Bone Bow: In Belurat, Tower Settlement

Early Shadow of the Erdtree DLC progression tips

NPC quests can be easy to miss but offer a lot of interesting content, lore, and equipment. Make sure to:

  • Talk thoroughly to every NPC you meet.
  • Read the notes they give you.
  • Revisit their locations after entering a castle, talking to another NPC, or defeating a boss.

NPCs often gather around Miquella’s crosses and graces but can move inside locations as their quests progress. Most NPC quests are interconnected, so to experience as much content as possible, spend time talking to each NPC whenever possible.

Shadow of the Erdtree - See the sights

Explore Shadow of the Erdtree

Sure, the lists above remove some of the need to explore. But that’s a basic list to just get you going. There’s a lot to see and a lot to be killed by!

Hop on Torrent and go for a ride. Try taking on the big things you see, see if you stack up.

Shadow of the Erdtree is an expansion to Elden Ring, after all. And we know in these games, dying is a critical factor in learning and improving.

Have fun, tarnished.

If you want to pick up the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC for yourself, head on over to CDKeys. We may earn commission through any purchases made through this link. And if you need help with other games, check out more of our helpful guides.

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