I’ve been playing Splitgate a lot lately, ever since NinjaRefinery got me hooked on it about a month ago. I’m invested in the premium battle pass, I’m on a 30 something day play streak, and I’m just really enjoying my time playing, both in the standard game modes, and competitively ranked across the various maps.

If you wonder what’s so great about this game, you can read my guest post over on the NinjaRefinery website where I discuss some of my favourite things to experience when playing Splitgate. But I’m not here to talk about that today, instead, I’m here to rank my top 3 standard maps and why I enjoy those particular maps so much.

3 – Foregone Destruction

This can either be a really enjoyable or dislikable map to play on. It all depends on what your team is like and what game mode you’re playing. That’s because, if you play King of the Hill or  Domination, and your team is just looking for kills or they don’t attack as a unit, you’re going to lose. However, if you cover each other’s backs, and move smartly, you can dominate here quite easily. 

This is a map that has multiple levels, two large structures at each end, a bridged area in the middle, and plenty of portals to help you quickly navigate around. There are plenty of vantage points, and clever places to hide so you can ambush the enemy.

Foregone Destruction map in Splitgate

2 – Oasis

My favourite map of the lot at the moment. It’s such a large space, with some underground areas, a tower on either side of the map, and plenty of portal panels dotted around. This is a great one for shotty snipers because you can place portals high up in specific areas, that give you a great view of the map and allow you to easily pick off your enemies.

There are also a few large open spaces, with a few obstacles to hide behind, meaning you have to be clever to cross the map. Make use of portals to zip around, keep an eye out for portals housing snipers trying to pick you off. This is a map that is easy to lose on, but just as easy to dominate on if you play smartly.

Oasis Map in Splitgate

1 – Olympus

This is an excellent map where the entire arena is floating in the skies. There are varying levels to it, and plenty of places to portal around. There is a big structure in the middle though, which is hollow so you can walk through it, and see the opposite side of the map, but it can restrict your view, so not ideal if you enjoy playing with sniper rifles.

There is a floating panel for placing a portal though just off to one side of the map. This does give a better position if you enjoy using a sniper, but not so helpful if all enemies are indoors or on the opposite side of Olympus. However, the best thing about said floating platform in Splitgate, is if you can trick someone to go through a portal of yours, you can bring them out in the middle of nowhere, making it the easiest map to earn a Portal Kill.

Olympus map in Splitgate

Final Words

There you have it, my three favourite standard maps on Splitgate right now. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of other good maps too, although some are terrible, especially when it comes to certain game modes, like playing Team Swat on Atlantis. It’s all really long straight corridors, with corners that lead into bigger, more open rooms. Making you an easy target for campers as you run around. But if you’re having a day where you’re on fire, that can actually work out to your advantage as you rack up your body count.

Why not let us know which maps are your favourites in Splitgate? Or tell us about the ones you dislike the most and why. And whilst you’re doing that or reading our helpful tips on Splitgate, we’ll look at working on our next Splitgate piece checking out our favourite game modes.

Click HERE for even more lists compiled of our very own opinions.

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