6 underrated IO games you may not have heard of

by MaddOx

As we’re forced to spend more time at home, more people turn to the web. IO games are the popular ones. They’re free to play and rich with interesting content. But these are not their only virtues:

  1. Accessibility. They run on any computer, even with low-end CPU characteristics. Besides, you don’t have to download anything, as they’re browser-based. In this way, you save your device’s storage space and install no files.
  2. Frequent updates. New content is added on a regular basis to keep the audience interested.
  3. Social fun. They’re usually multiplayer and allow interacting with other players. Be it a competition or co-op journey, doing something funny and stupid together is satisfying. Even if it’s a single-player, you join the world of a devoted community. Discussing your achievements and impressions in social groups also makes you feel good.

If you’re fed up with popular digital toys, try some other cool stuff. There are a lot of indie games that never make it to the top. But it doesn’t mean they are the worst. Many of them deserve to be among the best. Who knows, maybe their time will come. Meanwhile, be among the first to discover their amazing content. Check out this list of outstanding underrated IO games.

Unpopular Games That Are Worth Trying

Snakes and Ladders

What if you take a board title and transform it into a computer adventure? It’ll only become better thanks to cool visuals and sound effects. Snakes and Ladders is a multiplayer IO game for up to 6 players. Divided into 100 cells with numbers, the board is filled with dangers and boosters:

  • Ladders. They can lift you several levels up if you’re lucky to step onto one
  • Snakes. These treacherous beasts swallow you, and you end up several rows lower. Depending on the mode, they may be substituted by chutes

Roll the digital dice to move. Be the first to reach cell 100. You can enjoy the adventure in several modes. Find real opponents online. Compete with the bot. Or play with your friends by throwing the dice in turns.

It’s a perfect title to play with your pals. The matches get pretty emotional, as the situation on the field can change dramatically. Those who are about to win may slide to the very bottom. And lose any hope of victory. When, suddenly, they rise again and become the first! Simple gameplay mechanics and engaging content are what make it a must. Especially for a big and noisy group for more fun. Surprise your friends with a cool toy they haven’t tried yet. And even if you’re alone, the bots are competitive enough to entertain you.

Snake and Ladders IO Game


Combines is a great alternative if you’re fed up with Slither or Wormate. Similar mechanics are implemented from a different angle. Here you control a combine and harvest the crop to become longer. Yellow blocks are formed behind your vehicle and look like a snake’s tail. However, you’re not the only driver who works in the field. Your rivals do the same. At first, there is enough space and crop for everyone. But as every participant grows, the competition spikes. The most difficult part is when only two players remain.

It’s not a violent IO game, as you’re not allowed to attack others head-on. But deceit and crafty moves are welcomed. Make others hit you. They’ll die, leaving precious blocks behind! Create a loop around smaller opponents. In short, do everything to be the only vehicle on the field.

There are smaller victories on the way. Check out the achievement menu to know what to strive for. Some badges are not easy to win. For example, collect 90% of the corn. Or grab 100 rivals’ blocks. Other achievements come unexpectedly and make you smile. Get congratulations for destroying your own tractor!

The adventure has the potential to make it to the top. Its unique style is pleasant, and the gameplay is hooking. Outrun the trends and be one of the first to enjoy!

Monarchies of Wax and Honey

Monarchies of Wax and Honey is a bee multiplayer simulator IO game that’ll show you the hidden life of these hard-working insects. As a queen, you create a hive, lay eggs, and grow workers. Increase your population and build the biggest home for your children. Each hive member fulfils their part in the Monarchies of Wax and Honey’ community. Basically, there are 3 roles you can assign:

  • Foragers collect honey
  • Nurses take care of your larva
  • Builders create new cells

But as it’s a competitive environment, each of them can become a warrior. The map swarms with other hives. Neutral at first, they turn on you when you don’t expect it. Confrontations are inevitable. There is not enough space for everyone. But they are not the only threat. Huge and greedy wasps will come to steal your honey and kill your workers. Use special pheromones to attack them together.

Customize your sandbox before you start. Choose how many ponds, trees, logs, etc. there will be. As well as if you want to deal with the wasps. The title is available free of charge for everyone. But if you want to enjoy some perks, you’ll need to register. This will allow you to collect honey and use it as in-game currency. Which you spend on new bee species. It’s a really underrated game that you’re sure to enjoy diving into.

Monarchies of Wax and Honey IO Game

Squid Game

Squid Game is a fresh title that emerged after the success of the Netflix show. Called the same, the 2021 survival drama is filled with contradicting elements. Bright colours and children’s entertainment as challenges for 456 participants. As well as violent killing, blood everywhere, inhuman cruelty.

In this IO game, you can experience what the protagonists of the series came through. Join a group and try to get to the opposite side of the field. The problem is a huge doll that decides when it’s allowed to move. When it sings its creepy song, dash forward. When it’s silent, don’t dare to stir. Otherwise, the snipers will shoot you in the head.

It’s a cruel version of a children’s game called Red Light, Green Light. You can be careful and take it slow. But you’ll still find yourself with a hole in your head. It’s hard to win the round. At some point, you either break the rules or the time goes out.

Noob Paradise

If you want an alternative IO game to Shell Shockers, try this futuristic adventure. Noob Paradise pits you against robotic enemies who fire with lasers to take you down. You’re armed with high-tech weapons and have the objective to clear the areas. You’ll deal with both small bots and huge bosses.

The developers invested their time and talents into perfecting each detail of your gun in this IO game. It feels good to use it. If you do it nonstop, it gets overheated and needs time to cool down. The animations are great, smooth, and satisfying. As you complete your missions, you’ll grab other weapons, also powerful and sci-fi-styled.

Restore your HP by collecting what’s left of your enemies. And never try to jump down to the substance that looks like lava. It’ll roast you to death. If you die, you lose everything you’ve managed to achieve. And start anew. As the name suggests, it’s not a complicated adventure. At least not at first. The further you proceed, the more challenging it gets. The idea is not new. There are lots of similar titles. But the way it’s implemented is something outstanding. The sound effects, visuals, and simplicity of the objectives are what make it attractive. Try and see for yourself.

Noob Paradise IO Game


This IO game is an endless track divided into 3 lanes. Rocking beats as a promise of some cool action. A Play sign sliding over the route. Have you already guessed what you’re about to do in Audiogame? Use ASD to switch between lanes. Collect colourful panels littered around. Avoid blocks, as they’ll slow you down. Move to the rhythm and earn as many scores as you can.

You can choose from the in-game track box. There are 6 in total. But if it’s not enough, upload your favourite music right from your device. It must be in an MP3 format to work. The third option is to convert a track from a YouTube video. Use it to drive you forward and enjoy any beats in the process.

It’s the right digital toy to polish your reaction skills. A couple of rounds have a calming effect. Get distracted from the routine and have a musical break to relax. The title is not a hit. But its most devoted fans think that it should be. Check this out and decide for yourself.

The Bottom Line

I won’t be surprised if these unpopular IO games will go the “Among Us” way and storm all the tops in a couple of years. Use the chance to enjoy them right now. They run on any computer. But if you don’t mind downloading files, take a look at other underappreciated video games in our reviews section. Perhaps, you have never heard of them. But they deserve to be famous.

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