Why does your website need an SSL certificate? 5 quick answers

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An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of a website and ensures an encrypted connection between the user and the server. It is observed that sometimes website owners take the security of their website for granted and fail to install an SSL certificate due to which they end up paying a huge price. Having an SSL certificate has become essential for every website nowadays and if your website doesn’t have one, you should immediately install one. Here are some reasons that explain why your website needs an SSL certificate.

Five benefits of using SSL certificates

Ensures the security of your website

The primary reason why your website needs a Secure Sockets Layer certificate is to ensure the security of the website. Most users tend to close the browser tab if a website does not have an SSL certificate because everyone wants to browse on a safe and secure website. By having an SSL certificate, your website gets “HTTPS” which implies that the website is equipped with an SSL certificate and is secure to visit, like the Bazoocam website. Having one of these certificates has become essential to render any website secure and any website that doesn’t have one is not considered secure nowadays. 

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Secures and encrypts sensitive information

One of the most important benefits of having an SSL certificate on your website is that it secures and encrypts sensitive information. With an SSL certificate installed on your website, you needn’t worry about the security or encryption of sensitive data, as it encrypts all the sensitive information that is transferred between two computers and from a computer to a server as well. This sensitive information can be anything, from login credentials to financial and credit information. A Secure Sockets Layer certificate ensures that whatever data users enter on the website remains secure.

Makes your website more trustworthy

These Secure Sockets Layer certificates make your website more trustworthy. If you are not deemed trustworthy by visitors, chances are that they won’t visit your website. Even browsers nowadays don’t permit direct access to websites that don’t have a Secure Sockets Layer certificate. An SSL certificate makes it clear to the visitors and users that your website is safe and secure and they can easily visit your website without having to worry about anything. Almost every website nowadays has an SSL certificate installed including chatblink.com and you should get one for your website too.

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Improves search engine rankings

Another popular reason why your website needs an SSL certificate is that it enhances the search engine ranking of your website. A few years ago Google announced that it would flag all the websites that don’t have a Secure Sockets Layer certificate and if your website doesn’t have one, you are at the risk of having your website flagged. Therefore, to make sure that your website appears in the search engine results, install an SSL certificate and change all the links from http to https.

Improves website’s performance and user experience

Contrary to the common belief that an SSL certificate slows the loading speeds, installing an SSL certificate on the website makes the website load faster, which enhances the performance of the website. A website that loads faster is valued more by search engines since it has a superior performance. Along with this, the user experience also becomes a lot better on websites with a Secure Sockets Layer certificate, as users know that the website that they are navigating is secure and they can make any payments or enter personal information without it falling into the wrong hands.

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