Miquella’s story: Shadow of the Erdtree story trailer

by Ben Kirby
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Get ready to delve deeper into the lore of the Lands Between. It looks like we’re about to get knee-deep in the story of Miquella. With just a month to go before the release of Elden Ring’s highly anticipated Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, FromSoftware dropped a brand new story trailer less than 24 hours ago at the time of writing. This is confirmed to be the only DLC for the award-winning action RPG, so it’s no surprise there’s a ton of excitement surrounding it.

I’ve spent much of the past day since the trailer was released, trying to make sense of what’s going on. I’ve read, watched, read, watched and gone on and on. My understanding of the base lore is poor, at best. So trying to extrapolate what’s happening and what’s going to happen, is a bit of a joke. But to hell with it. Here we go.

A story focused on Miquella

This trailer is all about setting the stage for the narrative. There’s no gameplay footage, but we do get a much clearer picture of Miquella, the mysterious demigod and twin brother of Malenia (I killed her not too long ago, bitch!), the fearsome rot goddess.

It details Miquella’s efforts. We see him attempting to create the Haligtree to combat his sister’s Scarlet Rot affliction. We also learn of his inability to age past childhood, a key plot point in the base game. These struggles culminate in him facing Messmer the Impaler and the “tyranny of his flame”

We glimpses of this conflict: massive fires engulfing the Lands Between, a battlefield littered with bodies, and Messmer himself wielding menacing red flame.

Miquella followers 2

Unraveling the mystery

Opening with a cryptic line: “Miquella the kind spoke of the beginning. The seduction, and the betrayal.”, we’re straight into guess work.

We then see Miquella, barefoot and resolute, walking across a blood-red landscape, wielding a radiant golden arc. This likely represents the creation of the Haligtree. The trailer narrator tells us, “What followed was a war.” I think we can infer that Messmer the Impaler and his forces purged Miquella and Malenia’s followers from the Lands Between.

There are also hints at a turning point for Miquella. We hear about him “abandoning everything,” likely referring to his encasement in the cocoon at the Haligtree’s base and his journey to the Land of Shadow.

This enigmatic realm is a parallel world that Queen Marika, the vessel of the Elden Ring and mother to both demigods, once explored.

Shadowlands, indeed.

Messemer - Miquellas enemy

Following in Miquella’s footsteps

Elden Ring game director Hidetaka Miyazaki has confirmed that in Shadow of the Erdtree, players will be “tracing Miquella’s path and following in his footsteps, trying to see what he’s going to do there.”

The DLC will take place in a brand new area: the Land of Shadow. We think, players will access it through Miquella’s cocoon, which they might already be familiar with from the base game. If you’re not, go to Mohgwyn Palace and end Mohg, Lord of Blood (try to get Mohg’s shackle before you go!).

The trailer’s voiceover suggests players will team up with the remnants of Miquella’s loyal followers to uncover what became of him. “We are not deterred,” the voice declares after mentioning the demigod’s disappearance.

The trailer concludes with a powerful question: “We choose to follow. Will you walk with us?” Considering the massive fanbase Elden Ring has cultivated, the answer seems like a resounding yes!

Miquella followers

More questions

Let’s be honest, I’m not 100% confident in my understanding, but nobody is, not truly. So speculation is fun, and Elden Ring lore is so dense, that there’s going to be months and months of digging, learning and sharing.

I’m not going to be the guy that can clear it all up for you. But goddamn, I can be excited and dive in.

I’d highly recommend following the subreddit to help get you excited. I’ll do my best to review and share thoughts once the DLC is released. But something like Elden Ring truly needs to be experienced. It’s so hard to explain why. But once you “get it”, you’re in for a treat!

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