Genesis Krypton 770 Gaming Mouse Review: Definitely Not Kryptonite

by Chris Camilleri
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The world of PC gaming has always been known for the hefty price tag because of the number of high-end components one needs in order to have a good system, but the customization and selection of peripherals are oftentimes not mentioned enough in this debate. The sheer range of different items one can choose from when building your computer is enormous, both in terms of the case and the specifications of your PC as well as the other peripherals of your setup. One such item is the mouse.

The mouse is oftentimes compared to the primary weapon in the arsenal of a gamer’s equipment; when it comes to first-person shooters first and foremost, the mouse is the most important piece of hardware that a player will need, and it comes to no surprise that there are hundreds of different brands all striving to have you purchase their own. One such peripheral company is the Polish-based Genesis, who with their Krypton 770 are promising to offer a great piece of hardware at a very affordable price.


Coming in a slick, black design is nothing uncommon for a gaming mouse, and Genesis have opted to keep things fairly simple with their finish – black covers most of the surface of the mouse, except for the RGB lighting to the sides and the company’s logo on the lower end of the mouse’s surface.

The Krypton 770 features 7 buttons, meaning it is not as complex as MMO-specific ones with a range of tens of programmable buttons to suit the most hardcore of MMORPG players. The 7 buttons it does come with are all programmable, but these are the most basic of all – left and right-click, and scroll wheel click. There are also two buttons just below the scroll wheel, generally used to increase or decrease DPI on the fly, as well as two buttons to the side, which can be assigned to functions which are done frequently, like previous and forward on browser tabs or other similar actions.

Please find below the full features list, as per Genesis‘s own website:

Maximum resolution12000 DPI
Programmable buttonsYes
Illumination colorRGB
FeaturesDurable OMRON switches, Built-in memory
FunctionsDPI adjustment, Profiles Available, Macros Available
Sensor modelPixart PMW3360
SpecializedFor Gamers
Maximum frame rate12000 FPS
Maximum tracking speed250 inch/s
Weight138 g
Power supplyUSB (5V)
Sampling frequency1 000 Hz
Glide typeTeflon
Acceleration50 G
Number of programmable buttons7
Additional featuresPlug&Play
Number of buttons7
Resolution100 – 12000 DPI
Cable length180 cm
ConnectorsUSB Type-A
Supported Operating SystemsWindows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, MAC, Linux, Android 4.2.2
Height43 mm
Width69 mm
Length130 mm
Catalog numberNMG-1163

One of the selling points of the Krypton770 is its optical sensors, and Genesis have made sure that the one fitted on the 770 will be as eye-catching as possible. This is why they have opted for the Pixart PMW3360, known to be one of the best on the market, and not for nothing since it is quite difficult to get a hold of.

As mentioned previously, the mouse features a very neat, black cover, and the mouse itself fits in your hand very nicely. It is specifically designed with right-handed players in mind, especially with the two side buttons to the left which may be quite uncomfortable for left-handed gamers to use. That said, it can still serve a lefty just the same, simply forgoing the two extra buttons which are not even that needed on a normal mouse anyway.

The mouse’s wiring is also covered with nylon braiding, to protect the wire from being exposed to surfaces and also to avoid being pinched between your desk or table and walls or other hard furniture which can clip your wire and maybe damage it. The braiding is quite strong, making your wiring more durable than the average mouse, as well as offering a stylish finish to the chord connecting your device to the computer.

The Krypton 770 is also fitted with OMRON switches for maximum durability as these are said to have a 20 million click lifetime. This will ensure that these switches will serve for quite some time, and when the time will come for your mouse to be replaced, you will know that the mouse has done quite an incredible amount of work for you given the incredible longevity that its switches promise to give.

Coming at a price range of around €40, the Genesis Kryton 770 is quite a good mouse for your money. You will surely not find a better mouse for a lesser price, as Genesis have made quite an amazing peripheral at a fraction of other, top of the line offerings from more renowned companies. The Krypton 770 has also one of the most stylish finishes to a mouse you can hope for, ll black surrounded with RGB; it really is the embodiment of simple and elegant at the same time.

Purchase the Krypton 770 from Genesisown website.

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