Genesis Helium 800 BT review

by Ben Kirby
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Gaming speakers by Genesis? Sign me up! I’ve reviewed a fair few pieces of Genesis hardware now, and I think the common denominator throughout all of those reviews has been “great quality and a decent price”. The Genesis Helium 800 BT is no exception. However, it is quite exceptional.

The Genesis Helium 800 BT is a 2.1 surround sound set of speakers, with added RGB to make your setup glow, and one very crucial part of this set, is the Bluetooth functionality, too.

Not only is this a gaming surround sound set, but it’s a casual-use speaker set for your tunes and movies from a Bluetooth device. Genesis knows what they’re doing, and the Helium 800 BT is continued proof of that. Also, continuing my love of a brand that deserves to be recognised now as a key player in the gaming peripheral market.

Genesis Helium 800 BT back of box

Looks good

I know, I know. The visual aesthetic of a speaker set isn’t anywhere near as important as how it sounds. But let’s be honest, if you’re adding it to your gaming setup, you want it to fit, you want it to fit in and you don’t want to be distracted by something constantly ruining your line of sight.

Luckily, the Genesis Helium 800 BT looks great. The two satellite speakers are the perfect size for your desktop, fitting neatly alongside monitors or consoles. Measuring at 108 x 110 x 113 mm.

The subwoofer is also well-designed to fit in what could easily be a small play space. Measuring at 255 x 250 x 235 mm. I’ve found that it fits neatly under my desk and doesn’t get in the way of feet or anything on the floor at all.

Add to it the ARGB lighting and the Helium 800 BT literally shines alongside your setup. Finished in matte black, with nice metal meshwork covering the smaller tweeters. This is a subtle but colourful little unit.

It just fits, and it just suits basically any setup. Black and RGB. The Helium 800 BT is proof that Genesis understands their core market.

Add to the fact that it looks great and fits comfortably in smaller gaming setups. It’s priced at a point that makes it affordable, perhaps even cheap. At around £139 on Amazon right now. The Helium 800 BT is a bargain.

Helium 800 BT - Speaker

How does it sound?

Genesis knows what they’re doing with audio. They have built and sold many gaming headsets. Understanding the requirement of the modern gamer to have clear, functional audio. Giving you the advantage in stereo or surround sound.

The Helium 800 BT is no different. In fact, I was dubious about using a 2.1 surround sound unit after having used and reviewed so many headsets, with incredible virtual surround sound and drivers tuned for gamers. No idea why I’d doubt Genesis, though, because time and time again they come through.

Playing battle royale games means I’m getting clear and distinctive directional audio. Where’s the enemy shooting from? Oh…..over there!

There are no mistaking sounds either. With a subwoofer determined to deliver bass beyond what seems reasonable for its size and price, explosions sound fantastic. Granted, my wife and sleeping infant son may have different opinions on the matter (I promise I was just testing, I’m responsible usually!).

I love a headset, and when I’m used to that or my monitor, it feels like a breath of fresh air to have some BIG-sounding action without my ears covered up!

The Helium 800 BT is a fantastic gaming surround sound set, delivering everything you want. With the manual volume and bass controls on the subwoofer to really tweak that audio to what you need. Beyond that, though, is the Bluetooth element.

I can just pop my phone on and listen to some songs. Hey Duggee and Disney classics have been belting out of my office whilst my son sings and dances around. It’s become an entertainment centre, and hearing some of these classics coming out in high quality from these tiny little speakers, is a joy.

Helium 800 BT - Subwoofer

Overall thoughts on the Genesis Helium 800 BT speakers

Judging by my paragraphs of gushing about the Helium 800 BT, I think it’s clear that I highly recommend this unit.

Sure, it won’t replace full 5.1 + surround sound. Nor is it suitable in the evening. That’s fine though. When the timing is right, the Helium 800 BT shines through.

Adding depth to films and even YouTube videos. Giving my sone a speaker set upstairs to use to sing along to. All for less than £150 and fitting around my small office space.

The remote seems to have issues wanting to work on occasion, despite battery changes, etc. But everything is within reach to control anyway, so it’s really not an issue in any way.

The Helium 800 BT is a gem, and well worth the investment.

You can find more information on these speakers on the official website HERE. For even more tech reviews check out our Hardware reviews.

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