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When we started FULLSYNC, we never thought we’d be reviewing a vacuum cleaner. But here we are. Tech is tech at the end of the day. Although, I think it’s safe to say eufy’s HomeVac S11 Infinity is no ordinary vacuum. The only issue is it couldn’t have come at a worse time after we had just splashed out on a lovely £349 Shark hoover. Well, at least we have something to compare it too I guess.

Before I continue though if you’re wondering who eufy are, they’re a brand that operates under the Anker name, and as such, we had high expectations of this. But can the quality that Anker is known for shine through as they look to enter a new market? Short answer, YES!

Build Quality & Design – 10/10

I’m not sure what I was expecting when the HomeVac S11 Infinity arrived, except that I knew it was cordless. I had a little look online for reviews, but this was relatively new in the UK so I was having to rely on some US sites, which I could only find reviews for the more basic version, the standard HomeVac S11 Go. The majority were positive, but there were some grumbles about plastic tubes and a few other minor bits.

I didn’t find any of that with the HomeVac S11 Infinity though. It seems to pay for the more premium version actually is worthwhile as it improves on all the bad feedback I read about the Go. The plastic tubes have been replaced with strong aluminium ones, the battery seems to last a while, and it comes with a spare so you’re never caught short. Whatever negative feedback there was, eufy has turned things around with this model and eradicated the design flaws.

As for our impressions of the build quality and design, it looks sleek and stylish, with your typical cordless design. You have the top end of the hoover that has a comfortable gun-like grip with a trigger to power the thing when you walk around. Above your hand is the motor that sucks all the air in, which then leads down to the cylinder that reaches the foot of the hoover, which is extremely flexible and robust.

There are several sections to adjust, like swapping out filters and emptying the dust. All really accessible and easy to operate. Everything it packs does mean it has a bit of weight to it. It’s not so heavy it is uncomfortable to push or carry, in fact, it still feels really lightweight, except it doesn’t have that cheap lightweight feel to it. It just makes it feel more solid like you could drop it and it’d bounce back up again (don’t try this at home).

Hoovering kitchen floor with dog looking at vacuum

Performance – 9/10

We’ve had a cordless vacuum before, made by Vax, and it looked the part much like the HomeVac S11 Infinity. The only difference was the Vax one was utter trash. It lost suction shortly after purchasing it, even with regular maintenance, had no removable battery, the charger then failed and had to be replaced, oh, and bits just snapped off everywhere. It’s the complete opposite experience that we’ve had so far with this vacuum from eufy.

The HomeVac S11 Infinity feels a lot sturdier. You can bump into furniture without the feel that it is going to break off in pieces. Also, following daily use, it has not lost any suction power whatsoever, the charge has lasted too and even when the battery does die, there is a backup included.

What I particularly like, is it has three modes for suction; low power, mid-power and high power. And you can really see the difference in the dust catcher compartment. In fact, as I mentioned above, we currently have a Shark vacuum, and it’s the best I’ve ever had. It picks up dirt you don’t even realise is there. And running these side-by-side over separate halves of the same rug, they really do closely match. The only downside is the HomeVac unlike the Shark, doesn’t have a hair comb to prevent pet hair tangling.

Still, regular maintenance, cleaning it out, as well as the numerouse filters fitted in the HomeVac S11 Infinity will keep it tip top shape. And you shouldn’t have any issues.

The science behind the suction system of the HomeVac S11 Infinity

Functionality – 9/10

When it comes to functionality, The HomeVac S11 Infinity is as functional as you would ever need it to be. It’s lightweight, comes with numerous attachments making it ideal for cleaning the stairs, high to reach places where the cobwebs collect and even for your car. Plus, being battery powered, it means you can take it with you wherever you go. Why you’d carry a vacuum with you everywhere I don’t know, but at least it’s an option.

When in its traditional vacuum mode as well, there are plenty of features to help you out. As mentioned above, suction power can be adjusted, although the higher it is the quicker the battery will drain. But one of my favourite features are the headlights on the base, so you can see under those low lying places. Sadly, due to the height of our sofa, the head doesn’t quite fit under as well as our shark does, but it manages to do the edges nicely enough that you won’t notice the hidden mess.

But that’s literally the only flaw we found, and if you don’t mind moving furniture or have someone big and strong to lift stuff up, you won’t even be that bovered.

HomeVac S11 Infinity contents

Value for Money – 8/10

As often is the case, you get what you pay for. And it’s very much spot on when it comes to eufy’s HomeVac S11 Infinity. Yes, it is going to set you back a fair few pennies, currently retailing at £299.99 (price correct on Amazon 02/07/2020), but the performance of quality of this device justifies it. The only downside is, the price in the US is the same in dollars, meaning comparatively, it will only cost people over the water £239.95. Which I think would be a much more appealing price in the UK.

And whilst it is a fantastic vacuum cleaner, I managed to bag my Shark one for £149.99 in a sale, saving £200. And they always have them on offer somewhere. So whilst it may not be cordless and give me the same freedom if you’re watching your spending, then you’d probably go with the better-known brand at a cheaper price. Not that the eufy isn’t worth every penny.

Eufy Story - HomeVac S11 Infinity on wall

eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity overall thoughts

Whilst the HomeVac S11 Infinity isn’t the cheapest vacuum on the market, for a relatively unknown brand, although operating under the popular Anker umbrella, it does compete with the big boys. It looks the part, is built solidly and comes packed with features. The spare battery is an added bonus as you can charge one whilst you tidy up using the other, meaning you’ll almost never run out of juice.

There could be a couple of improvements, like I say above, the head does struggle to fit under my couch which is quite low, and it lacks a hair comb to catch pet fur, but they are only minor niggles. It’d be nice if the UK price matched the comparitive value of the US price too, but maybe their reasoning for the difference is justified.

Either way, if you do end up purchasing one of these, you won’t be disappointed. But like I did with my Shark, maybe wait to see if a Sale crops up, because you can get just as good hoovers like my Shark one, for a much lower price if you’re happy to play the waiting game.

The eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity is available to buy now on Amazon, you can find it right HERE. And if you do order one and need something to do whilst you wait for it to arrive, why not check out some more of our hardware reviews HERE.

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