Dark Envoy – A mystical journey awaits

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Today marks a significant milestone in the realm of CRPGs as Event Horizon, the genius team that gave us the cult classic Tower of Time launches their latest masterpiece – Dark Envoy, available on Steam and GOG.

Explore the enigmatic world of Jäan

Embark on an exhilarating journey in the exotic and perilous world of Jäan, either solo or alongside comrades in the online co-op mode. Dark Envoy is an oasis for both seasoned RPG enthusiasts and those just dipping their toes into the genre. Follow the gripping tale of siblings Kaela and Malakai, who, following a sequence of devastating events, are drawn into a whirlwind quest for truth and destiny. The plot spreads across four action-laden acts, with choices that mould the storyline, the world, the route, and even the ultimate outcome of the game.

Dark Envoy artwork

Krzysztof Monkiewicz, the CEO and Founder of Event Horizon, expressed:

Starting with ‘Tower of Time’, we’ve constantly striven over the past five years to redefine the RPG boundaries with Dark Envoy. We’ve ventured deeper into RPG intricacies, designed an array of distinct classes, and expanded on customisation and diverse loot. Our mission was to conceive a unique, experimental RPG playground where players could unleash their creativity. Despite the hurdles, our indie team is ecstatic about today’s launch.

Dark Envoy gameplay

Dark Envoy at a Glance

Here’s just a taster of what you can expect to experience when playing Dark Envoy:

  • Tactical Control: Master the battlefield, capitalising on terrain and crafting strategies to vanquish formidable adversaries.
  • Dynamic Companions: Interact with captivating allies, but be cautious, as certain choices can impact their allegiance.
  • Artistic Magic: Execute hand-crafted spells, like the Engineer’s Shocking Ground or Warrior’s High Wall, adding a distinctive touch to your magical prowess.
  • Vast Exploration: Traverse a world teeming with lore, challenging foes, and powerful bosses.
  • Crafting Galore: Enchant weapons and items, tailoring them to bolster your combat strength.
  • Research & Development: Delve into technological or magical pursuits to enhance your team’s power and abilities.
  • Hours of Content: Engross yourself in approximately 20 hours of primary content, with an extra 15 hours of optional adventures.
  • Test Your Skills: Overcome the “Insane” difficulty by exploiting game mechanics to their utmost.
  • Narrative Focus: The ‘Story’ mode is for those who revel in an immersive narrative experience.
  • Engaging Co-op: Invite a friend to join your campaign, sharing control of characters and tackling challenges together.
Dark Envoy gameplay

Availability and Special Launch Discount

Dark Envoy is available now on PC priced at £24.99 / $29.99 / €28.99. To celebrate its release, there’s a 10% launch discount on both Steam and GOG. Stay updated with all the latest by following them on Twitter and join the conversation on their Official Discord.

if you’re in search of an RPG that offers both a rich storyline and intricate gameplay mechanics, Dark Envoy by Event Horizon promises to be an unforgettable experience. Dive into the world of Jäan and let the magic begin!

Dark Envoy | Launch Trailer

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