Scene Investigators announces release date: Dive into true crime-inspired investigations!

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EQ Studios is excited to reveal the launch date for Scene Investigators, an in-depth game that draws inspiration from the world of true crime. Scheduled to release on October 24th, this title promises to provide players with a challenging deductive experience as they dive into the details of various murder scenes, aiming to decipher the truth behind each crime. Available on Steam for $24.99 USD, the game presents 8.5 meticulously crafted crime scenes to inspect from the outset.

This title is a must-have for aficionados of detective films, the ever-popular true crime genre, escape room puzzles, and above all, those who revel in the task of piecing together complex criminal cases. As players step into painstakingly recreated crime locations, they’ll need to scrutinise evidence, hypothesise potential crime motives, and employ logical reasoning to unveil the actual sequence of events.

Set in a not-too-distant future, you assume the role of an investigative trainee. Your mission? To dissect a set of intricately designed case files, ranging from baffling to downright confounding, in your pursuit of earning your investigator’s license. Relying solely on your sharp senses, critical thinking, and intellectual prowess, the question remains: Are you up to the task?

Scene Investigators missing persons folder

Scene Investigators gameplay and features

Developed by the same minds behind The Painscreek Killings, Scene Investigators offers a unique approach to murder investigation gameplay. It puts a premium on deduction over narrative, demanding players to be both observant and logical.

Scene Investigators chalk outline on a floor

Key Features Include:

  • Authentic Detective Experience: Every minute detail counts. Observe, note down, and weave together the myriad pieces of evidence. This game doesn’t guide you; your intuition and logic are your best allies.
  • Murder Mystery Puzzles: Uncover not just the ‘what’, but also the ‘why’. Understand the story by observing the environment and deducing connections between culprits and their victims.
  • 70/30 Principle: At times, players may feel that pieces of evidence are missing, making it challenging to conclude. This principle encourages players to rely on their instincts and make smart assumptions based on available clues.
  • Narrative Through Clues: Every mark, every stain, every inconsistency tells a story. Whether it’s lipstick on a wine glass or a bullet’s trajectory, everything matters.
  • Engage with Friends: Although single-player, its design is perfect for streaming or couch co-op gaming sessions.
  • Global Accessibility: Catering to a global audience, Scene Investigators is available in 10 different languages, ensuring that players worldwide can dive into its mysteries.

So, for all budding detectives out there, mark your calendars for October 24th. Dive into the challenging world of Scene Investigators on Steam. For more information and updates, make sure to check the official website and X/Twitter. Happy investigating!

Scene Investigators evidence tags on a dining room table

About EQ Studios

EQ Studios is an independent game development studio based in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA), creating mystery investigation games with strong and engaging narratives.

The studio’s first game, ‘The Painscreek Killings‘, achieved 91% positive rating on Steam. With its next game ‘Scene Investigators’ set to be released soon, the studio has started development on its next game project.

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