Hitman 3 introduces Conor McGregor and more

by Ben Kirby
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IO Interactive has unveiled the “Season of The Disruptor” for Hitman 3, offering a plethora of new content and exciting features. This season introduces MMA superstar Conor McGregor as a Celebrity Elusive Target. In this mission, players must protect Quantum Leap CEO Tim Quinn from McGregor’s character on the Isle of Sgàil.

Love him or hate him, you now have to kill him. Conor McGregor is the target. We guessed, based on the hints from IO Interactive, but I don’t think I ever believed it was likely to be true. McGregor seems like a name too big for a game like one of my all-time favourites, Hitman World of Assassination.

But here we are. We’ve taken out Sean Bean, and now we’re hunting the MMA star, Conor McGregor. It’s surreal, but honestly, the work IOI have put into this is as stellar as always. What a great new treat!

Conor McGregor - The Disruptor

New celebrity elusive target: Conor McGregor

The highlight of this season is undoubtedly the inclusion of Conor McGregor. Known for his fierce presence in the MMA world, McGregor brings a new level of intensity to the game. Players will need to utilize all their skills to protect CEO Tim Quinn from the Disruptor, making for a gripping and immersive experience.

I’ve had a quick run at it and saw the potential for all the new stuff added (particularly looking forward to badly spotting him on the bench-press….). Took him out in a clean, silenced shot, but it was no way near as satisfying as my future efforts will be.

Community-inspired challenges

In addition to the new Celebrity Elusive Target, the update includes four community-inspired challenges. These challenges have been created based on feedback and ideas from the Hitman community, ensuring that they are both engaging and challenging. Players can expect a mix of stealth, strategy, and creativity as they tackle these new missions.

These are always tougher than what IOI throws at you, so be wary!

Conor McGregor - The Disruptor Level 1

Disruptor Pack DLC

For those looking to expand their Hitman 3 experience, the Disruptor Pack DLC is now available. This premium DLC pack offers unique cosmetics and items that enhance gameplay (including a money pit for your hideout in Freelancer mode!). From stylish new suits to specialized weapons, the Disruptor Pack provides players with the tools they need to take on any challenge in style.

I’m not pro-fur, but there’s something at least a little funny about Agent 47 rocking the fur coat.

Conor McGregor - Got yer fur mate

Twitch Drop: Purple Streak Suitcase

To further engage with the Hitman community, IO Interactive is offering a Twitch Drop event. Players who tune in to participating streams can earn the exclusive Purple Streak Suitcase. This limited-time item is both functional and fashionable, making it a must-have for any Hitman 3 enthusiast.

Return of the Dartmoor Garden Show

Fans of the Dartmoor Garden Show event will be pleased to know that it is making a return this season. This event adds a touch of elegance and strategy to the game, as players navigate the beautifully designed gardens of Dartmoor. With new targets and challenges, the Dartmoor Garden Show remains a fan-favorite event.

Free starter pack

For those new to Hitman 3 or looking to try out the new content, the Disruptor mission is available for free through the Free Starter Pack. This offering allows players to experience the high-stakes action and intricate gameplay of Hitman 3 without any cost, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Conor McGregor - Killed once so far

Still going strong

The “Season of The Disruptor” brings a wealth of new content and exciting features to Hitman 3. With Conor McGregor as the new Celebrity Elusive Target, community-inspired challenges, the Disruptor Pack DLC, Twitch Drops, and the return of the Dartmoor Garden Show, there is something for every Hitman fan to enjoy. Don’t miss out on this thrilling update and dive into the action today.

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